Posted: September 29, 2009

Diamon-Fusion's Nanopax Glazing Product Wins Crystal Achievement Award

(Nanowerk News) Diamon-Fusion International, Inc. (DFI Nanotechnology), global developer and exclusive licensor of patented hydrophobic nanotechnologies, has been recognized by Glass Magazine with the highly coveted Crystal Achievement Award for the Most Innovative Protective Glazing Product category for its NanoPax® product line, according to Nichole Harris, publisher, Glass Magazine.
Selected by a panel of judges representing all segments of the glass industry, the Crystal Achievement Awards recognize significant innovations and achievements in the commercial, retail and fabrication markets. The 2009 group of winners features several new categories, including: protective glazing products and applications (for which DFI received the Crystal Achievement award), residential and commercial hardware products, storefront/entrance systems and applications, and energy efficient products and applications.
“As the glass industry continues to evolve, so does the Crystal Achievement Awards program”, says Nicole Harris, publisher, Glass Magazine. “The 2009 winners reflect the creativity and vision necessary to meet the increasingly sophisticated demands of the marketplace”.
“We received a record breaking number of nominations this year”, adds Jenni Chase, editor, Glass Magazine.“The number and quality of entries are a testament to our industry’s commitment to innovation, even amidst challenging market conditions”.
The NanoPax® product line for business or home-based applications features an innovative process in which a patented protective glaze is applied to new and existing glass to restore, protect and maintain the surface from elements such as hard water stains, leaching, scratches and more. The NanoPax® product delivers DFI protective coatings through a hand-applied, pre-portioned towelette, capable of treating silica based surfaces (glass, tile, porcelain and granite surfaces) virtually anywhere, anytime with a just a fraction of effort compared to other application methods.
“DFI NanoPax® offers a wide-range of coating qualities that can be applied across the broadest range of surface types in the industry”, commented Adam Zax, president and CEO of Diamon Fusion International. “This Crystal Achievement Award from Glass Magazine reinforces DFI’s continuing efforts to make protective coatings easier and more available to large audiences within our industry. We’ve spent the last decade committed to educating our industry on the benefits of coating products and are so pleased to be honored as a recipient of this distinguished award”.
About DFI
For over a decade, Diamon Fusion International (DFI) and its research team have produced a variety of products designed for the restoration, protection and maintenance of silica-based surfaces, such as glass, granite, tile, porcelain and quartz. The breadth of DFI’s product offering ranges from award-winning and patented professionalquality products only available through authorized installers to easy-to-use highly-effective, do-it-yourself products for consumers. Through consistently introducing innovative products and educating the industry on the benefits of surface coating technologies for glass and glass-like surfaces, DFI has become a worldwide leader in coating products and services.
Source: Diamon Fusion International (press release)
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