Posted: October 1, 2009

Lorentz Solution's PeakView Certified to Support iRCX 65nm and 40nm Technologies from TSMC

(Nanowerk News) Lorentz Solution, Inc., the leading provider of high-performance integrated circuit (IC)-focused electromagnetic (EM) design and verification software, today announced that the company’s flagship product PeakView has been certified to support TSMC’s iRCX 65nm, and 40nm technologies.
PeakView is an integrated EM-based design and verification environment within Cadence Virtuoso™ platform that includes model synthesis/automatic layout generation, full-wave EM simulation and model generation based on physical information extracted from process design kit (PDK). The iRCX format provides a convenient approach to deliver technology process data and ensure its metal topologies and electrical characteristics across each process layer have qualified resistance/capacitance/inductance for detailed EM analyses and model generation based on actual physical structures. With the unified iRCX format, TSMC’s customers can reduce tool evaluation time.
PeakView today is used by high speed IC teams to deploy aggressive design practices in meeting design closure without the constraint of limited scalable library offerings found in newly introduced PDKs. This enables TSMC’s customers to have full control on expanding their existing PDK library offerings as well as creating complex devices like balun/transformers or transmission lines with EM-based accuracy using any TSMC’s advanced processes.
“The iRCX Qualification Program enables designers to effectively select pre-qualified EM tools with minimal effort in setting up the technology file,” said Tom Quan, deputy director, Design Service Marketing at TSMC. “Our collaboration with Lorentz Solution allows our mutual customers to quickly generate manufacturing-compliant passive structures using our advanced processes to achieve first-time silicon success.”
“PeakView was developed for RF and high-speed analog designers to easily integrate EM design practices into their IC design flow including passive device layout generation, synthesis and optimization. PeakView further expanded to help analyze high-speed related impairments with an 'on-the-fly' approach on sensitive nets as well as package related issues,” said Jinsong Zhao, CEO at Lorentz Solution. “TSMC’s programs like iRCX Qualification and EM Qualification help realize our company’s founding vision to provide a complete, user-friendly integrated EM design and verification flow to better address the RF and high-speed analog requirements using TSMC advanced processes.”
About Lorentz Solution, Inc.
Lorentz Solution, Inc. based in Milpitas, California, was founded in 2002 to develop and market EM design and verification tools for high-frequency IC design. Semiconductor companies designing and building products for cost-sensitive applications such as UWB, WLAN, 3G, 10G PHY and a wide variety of high-speed analog designs use Lorentz products to improve overall system performance while reducing chip development costs and enhancing design efficiency.
Source: Lorentz Solution (press release)
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