Posted: October 5, 2009

FRT Presents Innovative Wafer Metrology Solutions at Semicon Europe

(Nanowerk News) At this year's Semicon Europa 2009, FRT again presents innovative wafer metrology solutions for R&D and process control tasks in MEMS, semiconductor, and photovoltaic production. A selection of FRT's products can be viewed and tried for test measurements in hall 3, booth 101 at Semicon Europa in Dresden from October 6th to 8th 2009.
One of these year's highlights is the multisensor metrology tool MicroProf TTV that precisely determines total wafer thickness variation as well as bow, warp and flatness according to SEMI standards. Thanks to its multisensor capability, the tool can be extended with additional sensors based on reflectometry, interferometry, confocal microscopy and atomic force microscopy, enabling it to reliably perform complicated inspection tasks such as through-silicon via measurements (TSV) at ultra high aspect-ratios of up to 1:100.
FRT's unique multisensor technology is the ultimate base for wafer metrology applications in today's high-tech industries, because it combines various inspection tasks based on the measurement of film thickness, roughness, contour and 3D topography into one upgradeable and future-safe metrology tool.
Henrik Leskinen, Manager Equipment Control of the MEMS manufacturer VTI Technologies states: "... our FRT system turned out to be the most suitable choice for monitoring process parameters. Due to its flexible sensor-integration concept and automation capabilities, we are able to conduct measurements both on entire wafers with regard to TTV as well as local high-resolution measurements."
Whether it is during polishing, lithography or etching of both patterned and unpatterned wafers of any size, all measurements are highly repeatable and matchable across multiple inspection tools. To fulfil cleanroom requirements in the backend and frontend, FRT metrology tools can be configured as EFEM versions with full automation, robotic wafer handling and SECS/GEM integration.
About FRT
For 14 years, Fries Research & Technology GmbH (FRT) has been a trusted partner for industry-proven surface metrology solutions. FRT tools are used for the non-destructive investigation of topography, profile, film thickness, roughness and other properties. More than 300 international companies from the semiconductor, MEMS, optical, photovoltaic, automotive, medical and other industries equip their R&D and production with FRT metrology systems. FRT operates from Germany and maintains subsidiaries in China, Switzerland and the United States.
Source: FRT (press release)
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