Posted: October 5, 2009

NanoViricides Raises $4.3m in Funding

(Nanowerk News) NanoViricides, Inc. announced today that it has completed a number of financing activities.
The Company has successfully raised more than $4.3M. This raise involved issuance of restricted shares and warrant conversions in private placements to certain accredited investors. The Company is filing a Form 8-K disclosure with the SEC summarizing these activities on October 5, 2009.
“With sufficient working capital to last us through December 31, 2010,” said Eugene Seymour, MD, MPH, CEO of the Company, “we are now ready to engage full steam with our high priority drug development activities.”
About NanoViricides
NanoViricides, Inc. is a development stage company that is creating special purpose nanomaterials for viral therapy. The Company's novel nanoviricide™ class of drug candidates are designed to specifically attack enveloped virus particles and to dismantle them. The Company is developing drugs against a number of viral diseases including H1N1 swine flu, H5N1 bird flu, seasonal Influenza, HIV, oral and genital Herpes, viral diseases of the eye including EKC and herpes keratitis, Hepatitis C, Rabies, Dengue fever, and Ebola virus, among others.
Source: NanoViricides (press release)
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