Posted: October 6, 2009

The Global Market for Nanotubes to 2015

(Nanowerk News) Carbon nanotubes open up tremendous possibilities for materials enhancement in a wide range of markets. Contrary to most hyperbolic estimates, the current global market for carbon nanotubes has been measured by at approximately $90.5million. At present nanotubes represent a niche materials additives market; but one with limitless revenue potential.
New functionalised nanotubes applications will come onto the market in the next few years that will greatly increase global revenues to $1.4 billion plus by 2015; driven mainly by the needs of the electronics and data storage, defence, energy, aerospace and automotive industries. As commercial-scale production ramps up, the significant decrease in cost for these high performance materials will also drive new applications. Up to now, most carbon nanotubes production has been on a pilot-scale level; however scale-up of production by large multi-nationals such as Arkema, Bayer MaterialsScience and Showa Denko and access to cheaper nanotubes from Russian and China will greatly increase commercialization opportunities.
The 87 page report “The Global Market for Nanotubes to 2015: A realistic assessment” provides in-depth coverage of one of the most active and commercially important areas of nanotechnology and includes:
  • Global revenue figures and projections 2006-2015 across all markets
  • Key drivers across all markets
  • Products, applications and market trends
  • Profiles of over 80 major and minor companies developing commercial applications of nanotubes including: Bayer MaterialScience, BASF, Thomas Swan, Nanocomp, Nanocyl, Arkema, Mitsui, Toray, IBM, Surrey Nanosystems, Nanotero, Natural Nano, Unidym and Eikos.
  • Sectors covered include:
  • Aerospace & Aviation
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Defence
  • Electronics & Data Storage
  • Energy
  • Environment
  • Healthcare & Life Sciences
  • Personal Care
  • Printing & Packaging
  • Sporting Goods
  • Textiles
  • Source: Nanoposts (press release)
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