Posted: October 6, 2009

New SUSS Report Anniversary Edition Now Available for Dowmload

(Nanowerk News) The bi-annual customer magazine SUSS Report provides you with an insider update on innovations and trends in equipment solutions for the semiconductor and related industries. You will find exciting technical publications as well as praxis-orientated reports and personal notes by SUSS experts.
The latest SUSS Report offers you again a wide range of interesting topics. Check out the cover-story about the world of wafer-level cameras or browse through the product sections or find out more about Metal Eutecting Bonding Methods for the MEMS market – SUSS engineering teams have put their heads together to provide you with hands-on information.
  • Strong Partners for Technology Leadership
  • New SUSS MicroTec Bonders for Temporary and Permanent 3D
  • Bonding Solutions
  • 200 mm MEMS Pilot Line at Fraunhofer ISIT
  • MO Exposure Optics: Customized Illumination for Process Window Optimization and Yield Improvement. Exclusively for SUSS MicroTec Mask Aligners
  • Full Field Nanoimprint on Mask Aligners Using Substrate Conformal Imprint Lithography Technique
  • Wafer-Level Cameras – Novel Fabrication and Packaging Technologies
  • Wafer-Level RF Calibration Fundamentals and the New IZI Probe® Technology
  • Metal Based Wafer Level Packaging
  • Wafer Surface Parameters and Their Significance in Wafer Bonding
  • Is the Tail Wagging the Dog?
  • Source: SUSS MicroTec (press release)
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