Posted: October 7, 2009

MultiProbe Ships Six-Head Atomic Force Proper

(Nanowerk News) After a thorough evaluation of competitive tools, a major microelectronics company has selected the MultiProbe AFP to help it stay competitive in an industry whose key players are jockeying for the lead in delivering smaller, faster devices.
“I would say that the AFP technique in most cases, is the determinant technique [for identifying root cause], especially regarding lower technologies, below 45nm.” Says one global competitor.
“The AFP has definitely added a capability that did not exist before. Optical limitations make traditional electrical probing a thing of the past, as features can no longer be resolved; and chamber FIB/SEM probing leads to sample damage and inaccurate results as well as tying up a tool.” Says another.
The MultiProbe AFP offers both nanoprobing and simultaneous fault isolation imaging in a single tool (topography, current imaging and scanning capacitance).
About MultiProbe™
ISO 9001:2008 certified: MultiProbe™ is the developer and manufacturer of the Atomic Force Prober (AFP), the industry’s highest resolution nanoprober. As such, the company is committed to satisfying customer expectations and continually improving technology, processes and customer service. MultiProbe AFPs are installed worldwide, providing electrical measurements of the smallest semiconductor devices, improving yield and accelerating the development of processes as low as 22nm. MultiProbe is located in Santa Barbara, Calif., USA.
Source: MultiProbe (press release)
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