Posted: October 8, 2009

MEMSCAP Wins SEMICON MicroNanoSystems Innovation Award 2009

(Nanowerk News) MEMSCAP, the leading provider of innovative solutions based on MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical systems) technology, announces today it has won the SEMICON MicroNanoSystems Innovation Award for the year 2009. A global player offering MEMS products and services accross a wide variety of applications, with a focus on medical/biomedical and aerospace fields, MEMSCAP provides both turn-key and custom made solutions. With an unmatched track-record of bringing to market successful products, the Group is today recognized as a leader and has managed to maintain a delicate balance between volume manufacturing and applied research and developpment.
Among its spearhead services is MUMPs the Group successful MEMS prototyping and manufacturing (MUMPs) service that is now being offered at nanoscale level with the introduction of NanoMUMPs, the first prototyping/manufacturing to be offered at nanoscale (below 1µ) levels for mechanical structures. NanoMUMPs benefits from the more than 16 years of experience of MUMPs and a track record of success that has led to more than half a million MEMS devices shipped to over 1000 customers.
“As a consistent ambassador, enabler, innovater, designer, and manufacturer of MEMS, the Award Panel had no hesitation in awarding MEMSCAP with the 2009 Micronanosystems innovation award” says EuroAsia, SOLAR and Compound Semiconductor.
MEMSCAP is the leading provider of innovative micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS)-based solutions. MEMSCAP standard and custom products and solutions include components, component designs (IP), manufacturing and related services. MEMSCAP customers include Fortune 500 businesses, major research institutes and universities.
Source: MEMSCAP (press release)
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