Posted: October 13, 2009

Nanonex Founder Presents its Nanoengineering Solutions at Argonne User Meeting

(Nanowerk News) Nanonex Corp. was invited by Argonne National laboratory to introduce its low-cost, high-throughput, large-area patterning of 3D nanostructures with sub-10 nm resolution and accurate overlay alignment nanoimprint lithography (NIL) solution at Center for Nanoscale Materials (CNM) Users Meeting in October 2009.
Professor Stephen Y. Chou of Princeton University, founder of Nanonex Corporation, provided a keynote lecture with title of “Nanostructure Engineering -- A Path to Discovery and Innovation”. The talk presented some intriguing phenomena manifested in nanostructures and their applications in the areas of electronics, optics, magnetic, biotech and materials. Furthermore, the talk addressed one of the grand challenges that are essential to the success of nanotechnology and its commercialization: high-throughput and low-cost nanopatternings (i.e., nanomanufacturing).
Nanonex provided a half-day course to introduce various forms of nanoimprinting, such as thermoplastic, ultraviolet-curable, thermal-curable, and direct imprinting (embossing). The Nanonex NIL tools are used to meet the needs of a broad spectrum of markets, such as optical devices, displays, data storage, biotech, semiconductor integrated circuits, chemical synthesis, and advanced materials. During the short course, Nanonex also introduced its current research in laser-assisted direct imprint (LADI). This technology is capable of direct “print” nanopatterns, planarizing rough surface and fill nanotrenches of hard materials through laser melting and imprinting. This project is partially supported by NIST-APT program.
Nanonex has delivered a NX-3000 nanoimprint tool to CNM to support the cutting edge research in CNM. Based on Nanonex’s unique patented Air Cushion Press technology, the NX-3000 offers unsurpassed uniformity regardless of backside topology, wafer or mask flatness, or backside contamination. This ACP technology also eliminates lateral shifting between the mask and substrate, which significantly increases mask lifetime.
About Nanonex Corporation
Nanonex is the inventor of “nanoimprint lithography”, the world’s first nanoimprint lithography company, and the world’s leading provider of nanoimprint solutions that include equipment, masks, resists and processes. Nanonex’s patented and proprietary nanoimprint lithography (NIL) solutions and Air-Cushion PressTM can manufacture 3D nanostructures with sub-5 nm resolution, large-area uniformity, accurate overlay alignment, high throughput, and low cost. Nanonex NIL solutions have been adopted by a broad spectrum of industry applications, such as optical devices, data storage, displays, light emitting diodes, semiconductor ICs, biotech, chemical synthesis, and advanced materials.
Source: Nanonex (press release)
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