Posted: October 14, 2009

SVTC and TSMC Combine Efforts to Accelerate Commercialization of New Technologies in Emerging Markets

(Nanowerk News) SVTC, a leading provider of silicon technology development and commercialization services, and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd. have formed an Innovation Incubation Alliance that accelerates the commercialization of new and innovative technologies and encourages product development on a variety of emerging technology platforms.
Under the new alliance, SVTC and TSMC will work with developers to bring to market new applications in emerging technologies such as micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS), biochips and other devices incorporating new materials and novel structures. The agreement is the latest in a series of collaborations between the two companies.
Joseph Bronson, SVTC's CEO, said, "The partnership will seek out and work with 'More than Moore' customers whose ideas or products are based on silicon technologies, but may not necessarily scale with Moore's Law."
"There are a number of promising applications that could inspire entire new industries, but many lack a clear path to commercialization and high-volume manufacturing," said Bronson. "Our technology commercialization agreement with TSMC will enable the world's most promising innovators to develop new products and to bring the best of these new devices into volume production."
C.C. Wei, TSMC senior vice president, Mainstream Technology Business, added, "TSMC has a strong tradition of working with innovators to develop applications that change the technology landscape. Our relationship with SVTC creates a highly effective path to bring innovative products built on mainstream process technologies to market quickly."
The SVTC Fast-Transfer™ process provides solutions that drive yields for products transferred to TSMC to achieve a fast revenue ramp.
Under the agreement, TSMC and SVTC will bring new products from concept to volume production. Typically, companies with conceptual or undeveloped products will utilize SVTC for development and commercialization of new technologies. As product demands increase, SVTC will transfer the customers' processes to TSMC for volume manufacturing. SVTC and TSMC will co-market the services emerging from the new agreement.
About SVTC Technologies
SVTC Technologies speeds the development and commercialization of innovative silicon-based technologies and products, cost-effectively and in an IP-secure manner. Through facilities in San Jose, California, and Austin, Texas, SVTC serves customers in rapidly growing markets such as novel memory, novel transistors, logic, MEMS, biotechnology, images sensors and photovoltaics. SVTC offers a suite of leading-edge equipment and services, including full-scale 8-inch and 12-inch process capabilities, advanced CMOS equipment, analytical services, development support tools and commercialization services. SVTC is co-owned by Oak Hill Capital Management and Tallwood Venture Capital, along with management. SVTC Technologies is an equal opportunity employer.
Source: SVTC Technologies (press release)
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