Posted: October 23, 2009

Nanosurf Teams Up With CETR

(Nanowerk News) Nanosurf is happy to announce a strategic partnership with the Center for Tribology Research, CETR, a world-leading producer of mechanical and tribological test equipment. Nanosurf will provide the AFM components for CETR’s Nano and Micro product lines of material testers and indenter/scratchers (UNMT and Apex).
“Nanosurf’s compact and easy-to-use automated AFM, the Nanite, is a perfect fit for these product lines”, says Dr. Norm Gitis, CETR’s CEO, “and will result in better measurements and a much improved user experience for our customers”.
Nanosurf’s Head of Marketing & Business Development, Dr. Robert Sum, adds, “The automation and integration possibilities of the Nanite make it an obvious choice for larger system integration and OEM deployment. This partnership signals to us that we succeeded in creating a sophisticated yet intuitive handling instrument, and we are confident that this will be greatly appreciated by CETR customers”.
Nanosurf is a leading manufacturer of scanning probe microscopes (AFM and STM), and has earned a worldwide reputation for its offering of easy-to-use, innovative and reliable nano-microscopes. One of Nanosurf’s AFMs even travelled to Mars and produced the highest resolution images ever recorded on another planet during NASA’s Phoenix Mars mission. The same robust scanner technology has allowed Nanosurf to gain a strong and loyal user base back here on Earth, with more than 2000 systems placed around the globe.
Source: Nanosurf (press release)
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