Posted: November 5, 2009

Electronic Materials Company Cambrios Announces Closing $14.5 Million Round

(Nanowerk News) Cambrios Technologies Corporation, an electronic materials company commercializing ClearOhm™ coating material for producing transparent conductive films, announced today that the company has received investments totaling $14.5 million in a first closing of its Series D Financing Round. All of the company’s existing institutional preferred shareholders participated in the round, including ARCH Venture Partners, Alloy Ventures, Oxford Bioscience Partners, Harris & Harris Group, Altitude Life Science Ventures, Presidio Ventures, Mitsubishi UFJ Capital, In-Q-Tel, Avalon Ventures, Lux Capital, Kidron LLC, Headland Ventures, and Alexandria Real Estate Equities.
In addition, three strategic partners made investments in the company. These include:
  • Sumitomo Corporation – one of Japan’s largest trading companies and Cambrios’ Japan and Taiwan distributor,
  • Chisso Corporation, which has a very large market share of liquid crystal material used to manufacture LCDs; Cambrios develops and commercializes products for LCD manufacturers exclusively with Chisso, and
  • Nissha Printing Co. Ltd. – the world’s largest manufacturer of touch screens; Cambrios has a development and sales agreement with Nissha involving rapid commercialization of ClearOhm™ coating material-based products for the touch screen industry.
  • “Our investors are strong believers in our progress and in our plan,” said Michael Knapp, Cambrios President & CEO. “We are very grateful to them for their continued support. In addition, we have an excellent relationship with our strategic partners and there is tremendous mutual commitment to achieving our collaborative business goals. The company is very lucky to have them as investors.”
    About Cambrios
    Cambrios is an electronic materials company that develops proprietary, competitive products using nanotechnology. Cambrios implements its novel technology to simplify electronics manufacturing processes, improve end-product performance and identify ways to satisfy unmet industry needs. The company’s first product is ClearOhm™ coating material that produces a transparent, conductive film by wet processing. ClearOhm™ films have improved properties by comparison to currently used materials such as indium tin oxide and other transparent conductive oxides. Applications of ClearOhm™ coating material include transparent electrodes for touch screens, liquid crystal displays, thin film photovoltaics, e-paper, and OLED devices.
    Source: Cambrios (press release)
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