Posted: November 19, 2009

French Research Centre Purchases Plasmalab from Oxford Instruments

(Nanowerk News) Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology (OIPT) has recently won a contract with French research centre, STnano in Strasbourg, France for the supply of a Plasmalab® System80 Plus ICP system.
STnano is the new Strasbourg nanofabrication platform, established jointly by IPCMS (a CNRS lab) and University of Strasbourg (UdS), and has expertise in the design of nanostructures through topdown methods, and the study of their magnetic properties.
Oxford Instruments’ Plasmalab System80Plus system is a flexible, compact and economical solution for plasma etching and deposition processes. STnano has purchased the inductively coupled plasma (ICP) configuration, to process multiple materials including Silicon etch. OIPT’s Plasmalab System80Plus is also available configured for etching and deposition (ICP-PECVD),reactive ion etching (RIE), plasma etching (PE) or plasma enhanced chemical vapour deposition (PECVD).
Dr. Hicham Majjad, Nanofabrication Manager at STnano, says that research centre chose an Oxford Instruments tool as it fitted their research requirements. “As a leading French research centre we demanded the highest specification system we could find to fit the specifications for the work we are undertaking. The Plasmalab80 Plus open load design allows for fast loading and unloading, ideal for prototyping and low volume production environments such as ours.
The system has been bought as part of the STnano's programme to equip our cleanroom with state of the art instrumentation for nano and micro scale fabrication in the fields of molecular electronic, spintronic, and polymers.”
“As world leaders in supplying etch tools to the Nano community, coupled with our expertise in process technology, OIPT was able to offer STnano precisely the System they were looking for,” comments Mark Vosloo, Sales Director at OIPT, “We pride ourselves on our experienced team of process engineers, able to offer processes and techniques in order to support our customers exacting requirements."
Source: Oxford Instruments (press release)
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