Posted: November 20, 2009

Nano ePrint Secures Grant to Demonstrate the World's First Printed Programmable Logic Device

(Nanowerk News) Nano ePrint Ltd, the pioneer in planar nano-electronics, announced that it has secured a Grant for Research & Development from the UKís Northwest Regional Development Agency (NWDA). The grant will provide £234k of funding towards a £390k project to demonstrate Nano ePrintís unique printed programmable logic architecture.
This complements other venture investment and grant funding raised by the company to industrialise and commercialise its innovative approach to printed electronics.
Nano ePrint has already demonstrated that its nano-scale devices not only dramatically simplify manufacture, but also achieve over 10 times the performance and over 100 times the density of conventional printed electronics.
This new funding supports the further development of Nano ePrintís modular and configurable circuit architecture to deliver the worldís first printed programmable logic devices.
This approach enables low-cost, high-volume manufacture of a generic circuit design, which can then be tailored for customer-specific requirements as it is integrated into downstream printing processes.
Nano ePrint can therefore address a wide range of market applications, from niche novelty products (such as simple printed electronic games) right through to mass-market electronic smart packaging, with a single device.
Scott White, Chief Executive Officer of Nano ePrint, commented: ďThis exceptional grant highlights the novelty of Nano ePrintís approach and the huge market opportunity enabled by our printed programmable logic architecture. We are grateful for the support of the NWDA in further developing this groundbreaking technology.Ē
Nano ePrint will be showcasing its technology and product concepts at the IDTechEx Printed Electronics USA conference on December 1st to 4th. The company will be exhibiting at booth number 68, and Scott White will be presenting the benefits of printed programmable logic in the main conference at 15:40 on December 3rd.
About Nano ePrint Ltd
Nano ePrint was formed in 2006 following pioneering research at the University of Manchester, UK. Nano ePrintís patented technology enables planar nano-electronic circuits that can uniquely be fabricated in a single layer of semiconductor via single-step patterning. Nano ePrintís devices achieve very high speeds while dramatically reducing circuit size and simplifying manufacture.
Source: Nano ePrint (press release)
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