Posted: November 23, 2009

Ontario Government Provides Funding for Nanotechnology Company

(Nanowerk News) Ontario is supporting the development of breakthrough technology that will help create jobs and protect the environment.
The province is supporting Toronto-based Vive Nano, an award-winning company that has developed an environmentally-friendly process for creating products and materials using nanotechnology. Ontario is investing almost $3.8 million through the Innovation Demonstration Fund to help the company build a pilot plant, refine its processes and come to full production levels.
The company expects to create 19 new high-skill jobs over the next two years, including chemists, technicians, engineers, project managers and a controller.
The province's investment supports Ontario's Innovation Agenda, the McGuinty government's plan to make innovation a driving force of Ontario's economy.
Source: Government of Ontario (press release)
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