Posted: November 24, 2009

RUSNANO plans to establish nanotechnology centers as business incubators

(Nanowerk News) The Supervisory Council of the Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies has approved the concept of RUSNANO nanotechnology centers—infrastructure complexes for commercialization of nanotechnology advances. These nanotechnology centers will distinguish themselves by concentrating sophisticated technological equipment and services (marketing, management, and information support) for incubating small innovative companies in one location.
The generic model for a nanotechnology center contains three clearly delineated business units: a technology transfer center, a property asset - facility, and a property asset - equipment. Because very expensive equipment can reduce the profitability of a center as a whole, separation into these types of business units preserves the profitability of investment in the technology transfer center and the property asset - building at a level sufficient to attract private investment.
In keeping with the project concept, RUSNANO’s investment in a nanotechnology center will not exceed 60 percent of the total cost of its assets. If resources are invested in the project solely in monetary form, the corporation’s share will not exceed 85 percent of total capitalization. In the first stage of a center’s establishment, the corporation does not plan to invest in development.
As a part of the nanotechnology center’s ecosystem, RUSNANO intends to be a source for early or seed investment in other forms of innovative businesses. At the time when a fund is created, the corporation may provide up to 50 percent of its capital.
Broadly viewed, the project model provides for a network of nanotechnology centers in the Russian Federation with support coming from a system of federal centers for collective use and the scientific-educational centers that will be formed under the federal target program Development of Infrastructure for the Nanoindustry.
RUSNANO will conduct open tenders for projects to establish nanotechnology centers with its financial and organizational assistance.
“RUSNANO’s approach will make infrastructure projects economically effective and, consequently, attractive to co-investors. Private investment will not only lower investiture from the corporation but also, through involvement of professional managers and highly motivated project participants, improve the effectiveness of project realization,” said RUSNANO Managing Director Evgeny Evdokimov.
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