Posted: November 24, 2009

Investment and Corporate Leaders to Gather in NYC on Dec. 7 for 5th Annual Livingston Nanotechnology Conference

(Nanowerk News) Livingston Securities LLC today announced that its 5th annual Livingston Nanotechnology Conference will return to New York City, being held at the Lighthouse Center on Monday, December 7th. Since 2005, the Livingston Nanotechnology Conference has been New York’s largest gathering for corporations, investors, government and scientific leaders and other stakeholders who understand that fundamental advances at the nanoscale can have a great impact on industry, business and society.
"The Livingston Nanotechnology Conference has garnered recognition over the past four years as the pre-eminent nanotechnology conference created by investment professionals, for investment professionals," said Scott Livingston, CEO, Livingston Securities.
Keynote addresses include:
  • Tom Baruch, Founder & Managing Director, CMEA Capital
  • John Chiang, California State Controller
  • Roger Duncan, Chairman & CEO, Austin Energy, the 8th largest public utility in America
  • Charlie Gasparino, Wall Street Investigative Reporter and author of “The Sellout, How Three Decades of Wall Street Greed and Government Mismanagement Destroyed the Global Financial System.”
  • Bernard Meyerson, IBM Fellow and Vice President for Innovation and IBM Global University Relations
  • Bob Prieto, Senior Vice President - Strategy & Infrastructure Group, Fluor Corp
  • Conference session topics include:
  • Energy Transmission & storage, Supercapacitors, Batteries and PHEVs
  • Capital and Investment - Trends on Wall Street, in Venture Capital and other areas of growth investment
  • IPOs & Venture Capital – Who will IPO in 2010?
  • Water, the Next Oil - but where do we invest?
  • Printed Electronics - Poised for a Breakout?
  • Infrastructure - Rebuilding America with Next Generation Materials
  • About Livingston Securities, LLC
    Livingston Securities, LLC was formed in 2009 by Scott Livingston, who has been working exclusively on nanotechnology investments since 2002. Mr. Livingston has been called "sharp and highly connected" by the Forbes Wolfe Nanotechnology Report and has been an invited speaker on nanotechnology investment trends at numerous events and in the media.
    Source: Livingston Securities (press release)
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