Posted: November 26, 2009

German Company Supports Micro and Nanotechnology Research at Cornell NanoScale Science and Technology Facility

(Nanowerk News) Heidelberg Instruments announced the sale of an advanced DWL 2000 maskless laser lithography system to the Cornell NanoScale Science and Technology Facility, located in Ithaca, New York.
The DWL 2000 system will enable the user to expose sub micron structures on photoresist, with an active write area of up to 200 mm by 200 mm.
“CNF has a long history of providing in-house mask making capability to facility users at an affordable cost. This allows rapid cycle time from concept to prototype. CNF has recently installed a modern DUV (248nm) stepper that requires 0.7 µm features at the mask. The current tools render mask production too slow to meet this new requirement, creating an economic barrier to using the DUV system. The new DWL 2000 system from Heidelberg Instruments combines the large high speed scanning field with high resolution optics and stage precision that recovers the low cost structure for in-house mask fabrication.” states Don Tennant, Director of Operations at the Cornell NanoScale Science and Technology Facility
About Cornell NanoScale Science and Technology Facility: The Cornell NanoScale Science & Technology Facility (CNF) is a national user facility that supports a broad range of nanoscale science and technology projects by providing state-of-the-art resources coupled with expert staff support. 2007 marked its 30th year in operation. Research at CNF encompasses physical sciences, engineering, and life sciences, and has a strong inter-disciplinary emphasis. Over 700 users per year (50% of whom come from outside Cornell) use the fabrication, synthesis, computation, characterization, and integration resources of CNF to build structures, devices, and systems from atomic to complex length-scales.
About Heidelberg Instruments, GmbH
With an installation base in over 30 countries, Heidelberg Instruments is a world leader in production of high precision maskless lithography systems. These systems are used for direct writing and photomask production by some of the most prestigious universities and industry leaders in the areas of MEMS, BioMEMS, Nano Technology, ASICS, TFT, Plasma Displays, Micro Optics, and many other related applications.
Source: Heidelberg Instruments (press release)
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