Posted: November 26, 2009

JPK Instruments sponsors the German Museum of Masterpieces of Technology and Science in Munich

(Nanowerk News) JPK Instruments, a world-leading manufacturer of nanoanalytic instrumentation for research in life sciences and soft matter, has joined the sponsors of the German Museum of Masterpieces of Technology and Science in Munich by donating a NanoWizard® atomic force microscope worth 150,000 euros. Dedicated to nano research, the Glass Laboratory at the Museum allows all visitors to watch researchers at work.
Frank Pelzer, CEO of JPK: Back in the fifties, mankind took on big challenges such as space exploration and the moon landing. Without the achievements of those bold pioneers we would today have to do without satellites and numerous other revolutionary applications such as mobile phones, GPS services and satnav systems. Today we are challenged not to look towards the far horizons but, on the contrary, to explore the smallest and most minute details of matter. As we go down to the nano, atomic and molecular levels, we work towards the revolutions of the future - primarily in the medical and life sciences areas.
The state of the art in nano research is showcased in the Glass Laboratory at the Museum. Says Frank Pelzer: “We believe that it is very important to give the interested public an opportunity to see nano research in action. This is why we have taken the opportunity of our 10th company anniversary to support the Glass Laboratory through the donation of one of our NanoWizard® series atomic force microscopes.”
JPK Instruments’ development of these atomic force microscopes over the past years has resulted in a globally unique base technology which is sold to German and international research facilities. Atomic force microscopes are the eyes and fingers of the nanoworld and as such highlight the successful development of German high-tech products. Despite intensive research spending JPK has consistently generated profits in recent years.
Frank Pelzer says: “When we launched our business 10 years ago, we also benefited from public start-up subsidies which have contributed to our success. This has been a factor in our decision to now support a public project such as the German Museum of Masterpieces of Technology and Science.”
About JPK Instruments AG
JPK Instruments AG is a world-leading manufacturer of nanoanalytic instruments - particularly atomic force microscope (AFM) systems and optical tweezers - for a broad range of applications reaching from soft matter physics to nano-optics, from surface chemistry to cell and molecular biology. JPK was recognized as Germany's fastest growing nanotechnology company in 2007 and 2008 (Deloitte). From its earliest days applying atomic force microscope (AFM) technology, JPK has recognized the opportunities provided by nanotechnology for transforming life sciences and soft matter research. This focus has driven JPK's success in uniting the worlds of nanotechnology tools and life science applications by offering cutting-edge technology and unique applications expertise. Headquartered in Berlin and with direct operations in Dresden, Cambridge (UK), Singapore and Tokyo, JPK maintains a global network of distributors and support centers and provides on the spot applications and service support to an ever-growing community of researchers.
Source: JPK Instruments AG (press release)
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