Posted: November 29, 2009

DEK and Stencil Franchisee, AGI, Demonstrate Advanced Technology Offering

(Nanowerk News) Showcasing the latest expansion of its global stencil network, DEK and new franchisee, Huntsville, Alabama-based AGI Corporation, opened the doors of their manufacturing operation to local customers on October 21, 2009. Attended by both leading EMS and OEM electronics firms as well as Huntsville’s Mayor, Mr. Tommy Battle, the DEK-AGI Open House was a technology-rich event designed to highlight the company’s stencil production expertise.
Guests were treated to an action-packed and informative day that included demonstrations of Gerber data file manipulation, stencil cutting on the DEK T8 laser, aperture verification using the ScanCAD system, screen printing advancements on the DEK Horizon 03i platform and a presentation from DEK that provided valuable information regarding stencil metallization and manufacturing techniques. Both new and established customers were on-hand and felt the day was time well-spent.
DEK’s award-winning VectorGuard stencil and T8 laser
DEK’s award-winning VectorGuard stencil and T8 laser.
In fact, DENSO Manufacturing Tennessee, Inc., a Maryville, Tennessee-based electronics firm that manufactures products for the automotive industry, really put its hosts to the test when company representatives brought in their own boards, solder paste and stencil Gerber data. DENSO’s Daniel Jones, Advanced Specialist, thought the Open House would be the perfect opportunity for an evaluation. “What better way to display the DEK-AGI technology capabilities than by seeing our product in-process,” comments Jones. “The DEK-AGI team transferred our Gerber files, precisely cut the stencil and then loaded the stencil into the Horizon 03i where it was printed. It was impressive to see the stencil cutting process first-hand.”
But, satisfaction with the new DEK-AGI arrangement isn’t limited to new clients. Long-time DEK stencil customer and Horizon 03i user, Bob Felder, who is the Vice-President of Technical Services at EMS firm United Circuits, is delighted with the new AGI franchise. “We’ve been a DEK customer for a long time and have been immensely satisfied with both the company’s stencil products and printing equipment technology. For us, the franchise with AGI is a real benefit as we now have stencil support and local equipment representation from the same source. With AGI’s knowledge base in combination with the adoption of DEK’s stencil manufacturing processes and procedures, we have no doubt our quality, delivery and performance metrics will continue to be met.”
In an effort to deliver greater access to its technology at the local level, DEK has recently expanded its dedicated stencil operations through the addition of several America-based franchises. AGI, one of the most recent additions to the DEK stencil network, will provide Southeastern U.S. customers with access to proven DEK manufacturing techniques and stencil products, which include traditional mesh-mount stencils in a variety of sizes and metallizations, as well as the award-winning DEK VectorGuard® frameless stencil system.
“Becoming a DEK stencil franchise allows us to broaden our product line, thus delivering more value to customers in this region,” explains Doug Williamson, AGI Sales Manager. “DEK’s screen printing process expertise goes far beyond their leadership in the equipment arena and we are delighted to have their stencil know-how at the foundation of our operation. We anticipate great things from this franchise agreement; last month’s Open House was just the beginning.”
About DEK
DEK is a global provider of advanced materials deposition technologies and support solutions including printing equipment platforms, stencils, precision screens and mass imaging processes used across a wide range of applications in electronics pre-placement subassembly, semiconductor wafer manufacture, and alternative energy component production.
About AGI Corporation
AGI Corporation is an internationally known supplier of Wave Solder Pallets, SMT Assembly Pallets, and now SMT Stencils from the simplest to the most complex. The company offers Screen Printer Tooling, Feeder Carts, Tray Carts, Stencil Storage Carts, Titanium Inserts, Wash Baskets, Build-to-Print capabilities as well as many other types of fixtures for electronics assembly.
Source: DEK (press release)
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