Posted: November 30, 2009

Cambridge NanoTech Announces Partnership to Integrate Glovebox With its Line of ALD Systems

(Nanowerk News) Cambridge NanoTech, a leader in Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) science and equipment, today announced that it has signed a partnership agreement with M. Braun, Inc. to provide integration of M. Braun gloveboxes into its line of ALD systems.
"MBraun produces the best gloveboxes available on the market today," said Ray Ritter, COO at Cambridge NanoTech. "By providing a seamless integration of our ALD systems with M. Braun's gloveboxes, we ensure equipment compatibility and an easy installation process for handling thin film samples in an advanced inert atmosphere system that is free of oxygen and moisture."
"We already service many of the same customers," said Chris Chausse, President & CEO at M. Braun Inc. "Collaboration with Cambridge NanoTech, the ALD leader, benefits us as well as our customers. They will now be able to turn to either company for advice and support in the acquisition of an ALD system with an integrated glovebox solution."
Cambridge NanoTech's Savannah and Phoenix ALD systems, as well as the new Fiji plasma ALD system, are currently available with M. Braun glovebox integration.
This week please visit Cambridge NanoTech at booth # 709 at the Materials Research Society meeting in Boston, MA, where the Fiji Plasma ALD system will be on display.
About Cambridge NanoTech
As the leading provider of Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) solutions, Cambridge NanoTech has over 160 ALD systems installed worldwide. Cambridge NanoTech applies its expertise to solve unique coating challenges by collaborating on breakthrough research with customers and by offering next-generation thermal, plasma-enhanced and large-area ALD systems.
About M. Braun
M. Braun Inc. designs and manufactures the most advanced, highest quality inert atmosphere gloveboxes, gas purifiers, solvent purification systems, thin film deposition equipment, evaporators and vacuum chambers available on the market today. Established in 1974, M. Braun Inc. is the worldwide leader in glovebox development.
Source: Cambridge NanoTech (press release)
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