Posted: December 1, 2009

US National Labs Purchase Multiple Fiji Plasma ALD Systems From Cambridge NanoTech

(Nanowerk News) Cambridge NanoTech, a world leader in Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) science and equipment, today announced the acquisition of three Fiji Series plasma ALD systems by U.S. National Laboratories. "The interest that we have received in the Fiji has been overwhelming," said Ganesh Sundaram, Vice President of Technology at Cambridge NanoTech. "The potential advances in the fields of materials science and chemistry that are made possible through the Fiji are extraordinary."
The three Fijis were acquired by the Naval Research Lab (NRL), the Air Force Research Lab (AFRL) and the Army Research Lab (ARL). "We are finding that these leading national labs are attracted to the flexibility offered by the Fiji, which in turn allows them to expand their materials and device engineering capabilities," said Dr. Sundaram.
The NRL plans to conduct research into the growth of oxides, metals and semiconductors, such as InGaN, which span temperatures ranging up to 1,000C. These materials are of interest to the U.S. Navy because they promise improved performance in future communications, radar and power management systems.
Research conducted on the Fiji at AFRL Wright-Patterson Air Force Base will be focused on the electrical properties of ultra-thin plasma-generated HfO2 films and ARL is going to use the Fiji to support electronic materials and device projects with conformal deposition of high quality semiconductor, dielectric, and metal films.
"We have found that the Fiji's combined capabilities of growing ultra-thin films with plasma-generated co-reactants and allowing in-situ film analysis, such as OES, ellipsometry, Langmuir probes and QCM, have been essential to the success of the system," said Mark Sowa, Senior Research Scientist for Cambridge NanoTech.
This week please visit Cambridge NanoTech at booth # 709 at the Materials Research Society meeting in Boston, MA, where the Fiji will be on display.
About Cambridge NanoTech
As the leading provider of Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) solutions, Cambridge NanoTech has over 160 ALD systems installed worldwide. Cambridge NanoTech applies its expertise to solve unique coating challenges by collaborating on breakthrough research with customers and by offering next-generation thermal, plasma-enhanced and large-area ALD systems.
Source: Cambridge NanoTech (press release)
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