Posted: December 2, 2009

Buhler and Micronisers Australasia Cooperate on Nanoparticle Performance Additives

(Nanowerk News) Buhler Group has entered into a strategic collaboration in the field of nano-sized performance additives with the Australian company Micronisers Australasia Pty Ltd.
The collaboration is based upon the combination of core competences of both partners in the manufacturing and marketing of nano-sized performance additives. Micronisers Australasia Pty Ltd is contribut-ing its many years of experience in the production of nano-sized particles, and Buhler its worldwide unique expertise in the refining of nanoparticles into ready-to-use performance additives. The agree-ment includes the exclusive marketing of Buhlerís performance additive Oxylink™ for water-based lacquers via Micronisers Australasia Pty Ltd in Australia and New Zealand as well as in parts of Asia. In return, Buhler is appointed as Europe-wide exclusive distributor for Micronisersí nano sized zinc oxides Microsun™ and Nanosun™. The relevant contracts were signed in October 2009.
Oxylink™ is an additive based on nanotechnology, addressing the shortcomings that have existed up to now in water-based coating systems with regard to their resistance to solvents, blocking and moisture as well as their drying time. Oxylink™ contains nanoparticles from Micronisers Australasia Pty Ltd in conjunction with proprietary surface modification and dispersion technology from Buhler, the particles substantially improve the performance characteristics of waterborne lacquers.
With Oxylink™ technology, Buhler is building upon the sustainable development of environmentally friendly, solvent-free coating systems, for which the market share has already increased considerably in the last few years. This will be accentuated in the future due to stricter legislation at the global level. With Oxylink™, many new and attractive fields of application are opening up for the water-based lacquer market alongside the existing ones, which were so far in the domain of solvent-based lacquers. A decisive contribution is therefore being made to environmental friendliness.
Oxylink™ was developed by Buhler PARTEC which, as a subsidiary of the Buhler Group, specialises in the field of nanotechnology Ė the processing and refining of nanoparticles (1-100nm) into nano-dispersions that are ready for use as additives.
Microsun™ and Nanosun™ are nano zinc oxide products of Micronisers Pty Ltd which are used in industrial and personal care applications, respectively for the protection of various substrates and the skin from the harmful effects of sunlight. The agreement between Buhler and Micronisers will result in sales of these products to the larger customers and markets in Europe.
Buhler is a global leader in process engineering, particularly in production technologies for manufacturing foods and technical materials. Buhler is present in more than 140 countries and employs around 7,700 staff worldwide. In the 2008 financial year, the company generated CHF 1.9 billion in revenue.
Micronisers Australasia is a newly established company and a fully owned subsidiary of Micronisers Pty Ltd. The company will focus all its effort on products based on nano zinc oxide, its downstream products, such as Oxylink™ and other nano enhanced materials. Micronisers Pty Ltd is an Australian owned business with a range of specialized nano, sub micron and micron sized products for the plastics, coatings, agriculture and personal care industries. In addition, Micronisers provides particle reduction services for the veterinary, pharmaceutical and general chemical industries. Over 50% of Micronisers Pty Ltd products are exported.
Source: Buhler Group (press release)
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