Posted: December 2, 2009

NTERA Announces the Availability of NanoChromics Print Trial Kits and Ink Systems

(Nanowerk News) NTERA, Inc., a leader in all-printed, flexible, color change display technologies, today announced the availability of NanoChromics™ display Print Trial Kits and Ink Systems for use in graphic display systems. In addition, NTERA is demonstrating several advanced Smart Object product concepts at the IDTechEx Printed Electronics and Photovoltaics USA 2009 conference in San Jose, California. These Smart Objects incorporate printed graphic and segmented color changing displays utilizing NTERA's NanoChromics Ink Systems. The prototype products on display include several examples of multi-color printed displays for consumer applications, and low- power, RF-driven indicators for security, ticketing and product labeling applications.
The Print Trial Kits are configured to enable functional printers with sheet fed or roll-to-roll screen printing assets to immediately begin manufacturing printed NCD™ displays for a variety of Smart Object applications. As a fully printed system, NCD displays can be directly printed onto flexible substrates dramatically simplifying product assembly and integration, while enabling new form factors. With the NanoChromics Print Trial Kit, functional printers and OEM's can quickly explore new ways to incorporate printed displays into existing products or emerging Smart Object applications such as in store advertising displays (Point of Purchase and Point of Sale), novelty features for consumer products and indicators for industrial and bio-medical applications
"We are pleased to announce the release of the Trial Kits and NanoChromics Ink Systems. Printed electronics is steadily becoming a very active commercial opportunity and we are excited to be involved at this early stage," said Dr. David Corr, CEO of NTERA, Inc. "We believe that color changing displays will play an essential role in the adoption of Smart Objects and other products based on printed electronic technologies."
For more information about the NanoChromics Print Trial Kits including pricing and availability, please contact NTERA at [email protected], or visit their website at
About NTERA, Inc.
NTERA, Inc. is the leading developer of advanced, fully printable electrochromic materials enabling Interactive Intelligence for Smart Cards, Smart Objects, and Smart Packaging. NTERA's NanoChromics™ Ink Systems enable cost effective manufacturing of printed electronic displays on a variety of flexible substrate materials using industry standard printing techniques and equipment. These ultra-thin, low power, color changing NCD™ displays will uniquely address the market needs for security solutions, brand protection and consumer interaction with Smart Products. NTERA, Inc. is based in suburban Philadelphia, PA USA, with research and development facilities in Dublin, Ireland.
Source: NTERA (press release)
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