Posted: December 9, 2009

SUSS/SEMATECH Partnership to Focus on CMOS, Memory, and Emerging Technologies

(Nanowerk News) SUSS MicroTec, a leading supplier of process and test solutions for the semiconductor industry and related markets, and SEMATECH, a global consortium of chipmakers, announced today that SUSS MicroTec will join the Front End Processes (FEP) program of SEMATECH. As a member of the program, SUSS MicroTec will collaborate with SEMATECH’s FEP device and reliability experts to investigate complex semiconductor probing and measurement solutions for next-generation semiconductor and emerging technologies.
To enable advances in conventional and emerging semiconductor devices, SEMATECH’s FEP program is researching cutting-edge new materials and device structures. The collaborative work between SUSS MicroTec and SEMATECH’s FEP research teams will aim to develop new characterization techniques to enable both CMOS scaling and emerging technologies beyond CMOS. Additionally, as a part of this joint effort, advanced emerging memory and MEMS/NEMS technology characterization methods will also be addressed. SEMATECH will use SUSS MicroTec’s probe system and control software to characterize new device processes and designs.
"We are excited to be a part of the SEMATECH FEP program, working with the most advanced technologists to develop and characterize new materials and tools for the continued improvement of semiconductor technologies," said Frank P. Averdung, President and CEO of SUSS MicroTec. "This collaboration represents an innovative blend of SUSS’ experience in test solutions for probing and characterization applications and SEMATECH’s strengths in the development of fundamental materials and advanced device technologies."
"This joint research initiative with SUSS MicroTec reinforces SEMATECH’s commitment to develop practical solutions for leading-edge technologies that are increasingly relying on new materials and structures for continued performance improvement," said Raj Jammy, vice president of emerging technologies, SEMATECH. "We look forward to working with SUSS MicroTec as an industry key player on innovative ways to characterize and evaluate new materials and processes, that will benefit our members and the industry."
Source: SUSS MicroTec (press release)
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