Posted: December 9, 2009

Nano Mask Enters Into Agreement to Distribute Wein Products Respirators to Build Distribution Capabilities

(Nanowerk News) Nano Mask, Inc. today announced that it has entered into a three year agreement with Wein Products, a manufacturer of disposable respirators, to distribute that company's products as it continues to complete the development of its own proprietary disposable NanoMask respirator and to obtain regulatory approval for the NanoMask. The company is pleased to report that it has begun shipping orders of the Wein Products respirators.
Nano Mask has already entered into an agreement with a medical products company in Turkey to represent the Wein Products respirators in that country; this distributor covers Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece and Romania as well as Turkey. The company has also signed a similar distribution agreement with a U.S. medical products distributor and expects to enter into similar agreements with a number of additional U.S. distributors. In addition, Nano Mask has held discussions with distributors in Asia and South America and hopes to enter into distribution agreements in those areas.
"Strong demand for disposable respirators has given rise to an opportunity for us to generate what we believe will be a strong revenue stream and, equally important, build a strong distribution network that we will be able to access for our NanoMask," said Doug Heath, President and CEO, Nano Mask. "The Wein products offer an excellent alternative to many respirators on the market today as its Advanced Strapless adhesion technology offers disposable, one size fits all, personal respiratory protection."
Mr. Heath added, "We continue to make great strides in finalizing the development of the NanoMask and in formulating a strategy to obtain the requisite regulatory approvals needed to market our mask in Europe and the United States. Recently, the FDA and the European regulators have significantly tightened their regulatory standards in an effort to rid the marketplace of unscrupulous makers and marketers of respirators who have been making unsupportable claims in order to capitalize on the swine flu pandemic. This regulatory tightening has measurably slowed our regulatory application process. As a result, the opportunity to generate near term revenues while we finalize our own product offering was too great to forego."
About Nano Mask, Inc.
Nano Mask, Inc. is the inventor of the NanoMask, a disposable anti-microbial facemask currently under development in partnership with Intrinsiq Materials USA, Inc. of Menlo Park, California and is a distributor of Wein Products' line of disposable respirators.
Source: Nano Mask (press release)
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