Posted: December 14, 2009

Unidym Enters Agreement to Integrate Carbon Nanotube Films Into LCDs

(Nanowerk News) Unidym, Inc, a majority-owned subsidiary of Arrowhead Research Corporation (NASDAQ: ARWR), announced today that it has entered into a joint development agreement with a major liquid crystal display (LCD) manufacturer. Under the agreement, Unidym will work with the Process Development Group at the major liquid crystal display (LCD) manufacturer to integrate CNT transparent conductive films into glass-based liquid crystal displays.
Under the new agreement, Unidym will focus on depositing its CNT inks on color filter glass and the thin film transistor backplane for rigid displays. The primary advantages of Unidymís products in glass-based liquid crystal displays are lower cost of materials and deposition, increased yield, and elimination of the acid patterning process associated with ITO.
About Arrowhead Research Corporation
Arrowhead Research Corporation is a nanotechnology company commercializing new technologies in the areas of life sciences, electronics, and energy. Arrowhead is seeking to build value for shareholders through the progress of majority owned subsidiaries and minority investments commercializing nanotech products and applications.
About Unidym Inc.
Unidym is a leader in carbon nanotube-based transparent, conductive films (TCFs) for the electronics industry. TCFs are a critical component in devices such as touch panels, displays, and thin-film solar cells. For example, both touch panels and LCDs typically employ two TCF layers per device. Unidym's TCFs offer substantial advantages over the incumbent technology, indium-based metal oxides, including: improved durability, lower processing costs, and lower overall cost structure.
Source: Arrowhead Research (press release)
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