Posted: December 14, 2009

Vistec Enters Into Electron-Beam Lithograpy Project With Moscow University

(Nanowerk News) Vistec Electron Beam GmbH has announced that it has entered into a joined electron-beam lithography project with the renowned Moscow Institute of Electronic Technology (MIET). MIET, one of the most advanced Universities and research institutions in Russia and Vistec Electron Beam, a leading German supplier of electron-beam lithography systems will collaborate within a dedicated photomask manufacturing project recently kicked-off in Russia.
"After ramping up, the MIET Photomask Centre will provide both semiconductor industry as well as research institutes in Russia with advanced photomasks for a wide range of applications", said Vladimir Bespalov, Senior Vice Rector of MIET Technical University. "Besides mask manufacturing, education and research will play a central role in the new Photomask Centre. MIET selected a Variable Shaped Beam system from Vistec because of the lithography performance, high flexibility, field proven reliability and ease of operation functionality of the system."
The 50kV Variable Shaped Beam system from Vistec is equipped with a fully automated substrate handling and is prepared to expose different substrate types and sizes.
"We are extremely proud to team-up with MIET in this photomask manufacturing project", stated Wolfgang Dorl, General Manager of Vistec Electron Beam GmbH. "The recently shipped Variable Shaped Beam system represents a continuation of an outstanding business history the company has with Russia and opens up new and exciting opportunities in the growing Russian market."
About MIET
The Moscow Institute of Electronic Technology (MIET, Technical University) was established in Zelenograd, the center of Russian microelectronics, in 1965.
Today MIET is an advanced Russian university which is training highly-qualified professionals in the most popular fields of electronics and IT. The university covers 9 faculties, 32 fundamental and 17 basic professorial chairs (institutions in hi-tech companies) providing excellent training and allowing their students and graduates to continue their academic education. All in all a staff of 650 scientific-educational personnel, among the MIET tutors and employees are 3 members of the Russian Academy of Science , 3 universal graduates, 95 professors, doctors and 290 PhDs, are teaching 6500 students, more than 300 of them are aspirants and doctorial candidates.
MIET proved its status of a leading university in Russia by being listed in 2006 as one of the first 17 winners of the national priority project "Education". Now MIET is among the universities promoting best innovative educational programs for further development of the training system.
About Vistec Electron Beam Lithography Group
The Vistec Electron Beam Lithography Group is a global manufacturer and supplier of electron-beam lithography systems with applications ranging from nano and bio-technology to photonics and industrial environments like mask making or direct writing for fast prototype development and design evaluation. The Vistec Electron Beam Lithography Group combines Vistec Electron Beam and Vistec Lithography.
About Vistec Lithography
Vistec Lithography develops, manufactures, and sells electron-beam lithography equipment based on Gaussian Beam technology. Their electron-beam systems are world-wide accepted in advanced research laboratories and universities. The company is located in Watervliet, NY (USA), within the Capital Region of New York.
About Vistec Electron Beam
Vistec Electron Beam is providing electron-beam lithography equipment based on Shaped Beam technology, which is used by leading semiconductor manufacturers and many research institutes around the world. Their innovative electron-beam systems are used for microchip production and integrated optics as well as for scientific and commercial research. The company is located in Jena (Germany).
Source: Vistec (press release)
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