Posted: December 17, 2009

Rusnano chief looks at nanotechnology projects in Siberia

(Nanowerk News) State-of-the-art projects of Krasnoyarsk scientists in the sphere of nanotechnology will be presented to head of the RUSNANO Corporation Anatoly Chubais who is arriving in Krasnoyarsk on Thursday, the press service of the territorial government told Itar-Tass.
Projects bidding for getting financing from the corporation will be presented to Chubais. They include a shop for the production of single-crystalline silicon on the base of Russia’s leading enterprise for the production of non-ferrous metals – Krastsvetmet company, the method of getting magnetic nanoparticles with tailor-made properties and new medical technologies created with their application by scientists of Siberian Federal University. In the view of the developers, projects for getting especially pure germanium for nuclear radiation detectors, production of wound dressings on the basis of collagen-chitosan nanocomplexes. The latter project is presented by specialists of Krasnoyarsk State Medical University.
The programme of the working trip of the head of the state corporation includes visiting an exhibition of nanoprojects of enterprises and organisations of the territory at the Sibir business centre, at Academician Reshetnev Satellite Information Systems Company and Krasnoyarsk Aluminium Plant.
It is planned to sign on the results of the visit a protocol on the development of cooperation between RUSNANO and the Krasnoyarsk Territory in the sphere of nanotechnologies and nanoindustry.
RUSNANO State Corporation is a non-commercial organisation for the selection of and participation in the financing of projects aimed at the development and manufacturing of nanoproducts.
The Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies - RUSNANO was established in 2007 by the Federal law No 139-FZ to enable Government policy in the field of Nanotechnology. To accomplish this task, RUSNANO co-invests in nanotechnology industry projects that have high commercial potential or social benefit. Early-stage investment by RUSNANO lowers the risk of its investment partners from the private sector, according to the corporation’ s release published on its website.
It says RUSNANO participates in building nanotechnology infrastructure, which includes the nanotechnology centres of excellence, business incubators and early stage investment funds. RUSNANO provides scientific and educational programs that are required for its investment projects to succeed, and also supports the popularisation of nanoscience and nanotechnology. RUSNANO selects promising spheres for investment based on longer-term foresight created by the leading Russian and world experts.
To assist the Russian nanotechnology industry advance to the global market and strengthening of its international links RUSNANO develops partnerships with the leading nanotechnology centres in the world and organises the annual Nanotechnology International Forum in Russia.
The Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies assists Russian nanotechnology companies to enter the global market with their material and intellectual products and to create favourable international conditions for the development of the Russian innovation infrastructure.
Key goals of the corporation’s international cooperation are: scaling up of national manufacturing of nanoproducts and their promotion to world markets; encouragement of knowledge generation and personnel training in the field of nanotechnologies at the international level; attracting Russian expatriate specialists and scientists to the domestic developments and business projects in the field of nanotechnologies; arrangement of active international discussion and contacts of Russian and foreign scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs.
International Nanotechnologies Forum in Moscow is to become one of the key instruments of international cooperation.
Key tasks on international cooperation for the future: to make the Corporation an integral player in the global and regional nanotechnology development (in cooperation with international organisations, and large foreign companies); to facilitate cooperation between Russian and foreign companies, enterprises and organisations in the sphere of technical innovations in the field of nanotechnologies; to enable the harmonisation of Russian and foreign regulatory base and safety standards in the field of nanotechnologies; to attract foreign investments for the development and distribution of nanotechnologies and nanoindustry in Russia; to promote international trade in nanotechnology materials, equipment, intellectual property and services; to select and train managers and expert staff for administrative and technical international organizations with a view to participating in international research programs and coordinating international groups on the development and implementation of nanotechnology initiatives .
The Corporation is guided by the Government’s long-term forecasts on scientific and technological development of Russia. The Corporation draws up short- and medium-term forecasts (including Foresight methods) and road maps by working in partnership with the leading scientific organisations, organisations of branches and regions, the Russian Academy of Sciences, and scientific educational centres.
Source: ITAR-Tass (reprinted with permission)
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