Picosun Chooses dpUNION as Its Distribution Partner in Brazil
Posted: December 16, 2009

Picosun Chooses dpUNION as Its Distribution Partner in Brazil

(Nanowerk News) Picosun Oy, Finland-based global manufacturer of state-of-the-art Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) systems announced today having signed a distribution partnership agreement with dpUNION, a prominent São Paulo, Brazil, technology agency with a first class portfolio of scientific and analysis equipment.
“South America is a very important emerging market for thin film technologies. We are extremely proud to be able to announce our first dealership agreement on the continent, and very pleased to open in Brazil, the largest of the South American countries”, says Mr. Juhana Kostamo, Managing Director of Picosun.
“Picosun is very pleased to be able to work together with dpUNION with its more than 20 years of experience in representing demanding technology products in the Brazilian market,” Kostamo says.
dpUNION is a very well known player in the Brazilian academic and industrial markets for high quality scientific instruments and analysis equipment. For better service dpUNION has created a value chain complete from sales to technical assistance and equipment maintenance, one of the main reasons for Picosun to choose dpUNION as its first key dealer in South America.
“In Brazil, nanotechnology is clearly approaching a threshold of a giant leap forward. Scientific institutions are increasingly active in that field. Industrial R&D will surely follow and then, finally, production use“, says Mr. Manoel Luiz da Cunha Rodriques, Director of dpUNION. “Picosun’s ALD systems and equipment are a perfect match in our portfolio of nanotechnology products.”
“The fact that the inventor of the science and technology of ALD, Dr Tuomo Suntola, serves as a member of Picosun’s board is a unique guarantee of the highest possible quality of its products, something which no other ALD company can match”, emphasizes Mr. Rodrigues.
“In Brazil, ALD is not yet understood as thoroughly as it should be. Surface is one of the key elements of nanotechnology, almost regardless of the specific species of the technology, and ALD clearly offers both cost benefits and revolutionary qualities for deposition of thin films for surface coatings”, Mr. Rodrigues says.
In 2008, Brazil ranked # 9 globally with its GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of almost 2 trillion U.S dollars. “Not only Brazil, but the whole continent looks very promising for the future. We have recently being approached by interested parties from other South American countries, too,” Kostamo says.
Picosun develops and manufactures Atomic Layer Deposition ( ALD) reactors for micro- and nanotechnology applications. Picosun represents continuity to over three decades of ALD reactor manufacturing in Finland. Picosun is based in Espoo, Finland with production, R&D and laboratory facilities in Kirkkonummi, Finland and has its US headquarters in Detroit, Michigan. SUNALE™ ALD process tools are installed in various universities, research institutes and companies across Europe, USA and Asia. Picosun Oy is a part of Stephen Industries Inc Oy.
Dr Tuomo Suntola, inventor of ALD technology, is Member of the Board of Directors of Picosun. World’s most experienced ALD reactor designer Sven Lindfors is Picosun´s Chief Technology Officer and one of the founders of the company. Combined, Picosun people have over 200 years of exclusive first-hand ALD experience having designed and manufactured 15 generations of ALD reactors.
Source: Picosun (press release)
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