Thin Films Play Important Part in India's Surging Solar Wave
Posted: December 18, 2009

Thin Films Play Important Part in India's Surging Solar Wave

(Nanowerk News) Finnish materials technology enjoyed a moment of limelight in the beginning of December this year, when a Finnish industry delegation, lead by Minister of Economic Affairs, Mr Mauri Pekkarinen, visited New Delhi, India.
During the delegation visit, materials technology, a stronghold in Finnish high-tech, was spotlighted at technology-events, which focused on three main lines of business: cleantech, diagnostics and communications technology. Energy, the environment and healthcare are sectors in which India has a lot of future challenges and Finland a lot to offer. During the week-long engagement, more than 120 persons from 70 companies held approximately 350 business-to-business meetings, visited 12 ministries, signed 4 official memoranda of co-operation and another 10 corporate agreements.
In the words of one of the delegation participants, Beneq Sales Manager, Mr Mikko Saikkonen: “Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) is one of the most promising thin film deposition techniques available. Its use in solar cell production is of great interest in India, because the country is putting a lot of effort into taking advantage of solar energy. ALD is already in widespread use in Europe, China, the United States and Japan, and now India is also showing a growing interest. Finland, with its comprehensive high-tech portfolio, is in great demand on India’s huge markets.”
Source: Beneq (press release)
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