Posted: January 5, 2010

Ceres Nanosciences Launches Nanotrap ESP Particles for Protein Enrichment in Complex Biological Samples

(Nanowerk News) Ceres Nanosciences, LLLP, a biotechnology company using its proprietary Nanotrap™ capture particle technology to develop diagnostics and research products, announced today that it has launched the first release of Nanotrap™ ESP Particles designed to improve complex biofluid sample processing allowing for the detection of low-abundance proteins that would not otherwise be detected. The Nanotrap™ ESP product targets end users working with a variety of sample types that require a more efficient and powerful method of sample preparation for downstream detection and analysis. Nanotrap™ ESP Particles improve the sensitivity of any gel electrophoresis protein detection method including silver staining, Coomassie Blue, Western Blotting and mass spectroscopy analysis.
The ability to rapidly harvest multiple proteins and peptides from a single sample makes Nanotrap™ ESP particles an ideal tool for researchers interested in rapid sample processing of low abundance proteins or for the discovery of unknown proteins and peptides present in samples containing high-abundance interfering proteins.
The use of this technology for these applications has recently been published by Dr. Lance Liotta and Dr. Emanuel Petricoin in the journals Nano Research and Nano Letters in 2008 and 2009. "Currently, the single largest barrier to biomarker measurement is the inherent lack of sensitivity of most proteomics platforms” said Emanuel Petricoin, Ph. D., co-director of the Center for Applied Proteomics and Molecular Medicine at George Mason University. “The Nanotrap ESP technology provides a powerful new sample preparation approach that tremendously increases the concentration of the biomarker, and greatly aids our own disease biomarker research."
About Ceres Nanosciences, LLLP
Ceres Nanosciences, LLLP is a privately held company focused on the development of diagnostic products using its unique and proprietary Nanotrap™ capture particle technology. Ceres’ business goals are to develop a number of commercial applications of the Nanotrap™ for high-demand diagnostics and other needs in the life science industry.
Source: Ceres Nanosciences (press release)
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