Posted: January 5, 2010

CyberOptics Semiconductor Taps Agent Hermes-Epitek Singapore to Support Growth of WaferSense Brand in Southeast Asia

(Nanowerk News) CyberOptics Semiconductor, a subsidiary of CyberOptics Corp., announced today that it has tapped leading Asian semiconductor agent Hermes-Epitek Singapore to support growth of its WaferSense® brand in the region and represent the line of wireless metrology devices for wafer processing equipment throughout Southeast Asia, including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines.
CyberOptics Semiconductor and Hermes-Epitek Singapore closed the deal, which began Jan. 1, at SEMICON Japan, according to Craig C. Ramsey, Ph.D., CyberOptics' general manager. Hermes-Epitek will also represent CyberOptics' line of reflective wafer-mapping sensors under the HAMA Sensors™ brand.
Ramsey said CyberOptics plans to lean on Hermes-Epitek's strong presence in the region, with 1,000 employees in Asia, and Hermes' relationships with fabs in each of the countries of Southeast Asia to help support fab demand for its metrology devices in the region.
Ramsey added that Hermes-Epitek will focus on demonstrations of CyberOptics' wireless WaferSense devices and how they "help fabs improve yield, reduce downtime and set reproducible process controls." Each wafer-like device follows the processing life of a wafer and reports real-time metrology data via a GUI.
Engineers implement CyberOptics' WaferSense devices to optimize equipment and tools used to perform processes across the fab: photolithography; etch; diffusion; thin film; implant; metallization; chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) and fab automation. The growing line includes the Auto Vibration System (AVS), Auto Leveling System (ALS2), Auto Teaching System (ATS), Auto Gapping System (AGS) and Airborne Particle Sensor (APS).
"Hermes has a great relationship with fabs in Asia, and they know when our devices will be the right solution for equipment challenges tied to yield and downtime," Ramsey said. "Hermes is one of the biggest players in the Asian semiconductor industry, and they represent some key companies in the supply chain. They are also highly regarded for their service, so we are certainly happy to have them represent us in Southeast Asia."
Hermes-Epitek Singapore is a value-added, full-service agent for semiconductor and flat panel display (FPD) manufacturing equipment and process technologies. The Hermes-Epitek group provides consultative sales, installation, field support, process development, training and relocation services to fabs across Asia.
"Hermes-Epitek Corp. is delighted to expand our distributed product portfolio to include CyberOptics' WaferSense and wafer-mapping sensors," said Frank Lu, vice president of Hermes-Epitek Corp. "Coupled with our semiconductor equipment background, we believe that the inclusion of CyberOptics products as part of our product offering will allow us to provide a turnkey solution to our customers in terms of enhancing serviceability of our equipment."
About CyberOptics Semiconductor, Inc.
CyberOptics Semiconductor develops automated products that seamlessly measure critical parameters in semiconductor fabrication processes and equipment. The company's pioneering WaferSense® line includes wireless metrology devices for vibration, leveling, gapping, teaching and sensing airborne particles in semiconductor process equipment. The company is the largest producer of reflective wafer-mapping sensors and a leading provider of frame grabber machine vision boards under its HAMA Sensors™ and Imagenation™ brands. CyberOptics Semiconductor is a subsidiary of CyberOptics Corp. (NASDAQ: CYBE), one of the world's leading providers of process yield and throughput improvement solutions for the electronic assembly and semiconductor fabrication industries.
About Hermes-Epitek Corp.
Hermes-Epitek Corp., founded in 1977, is a leading value-added, full-service agent for semiconductor and flat panel display (FPD) manufacturing equipment and process technologies in Asia. The Hermes-Epitek group offers consultative sales, installation, field support, process development, training and relocation services to the industry. Hermes-Epitek's 1,000 employees are committed to providing exceptional service to fabs across Asia. Hermes-Epitek is based in Hsin-Chu, Taiwan and has offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and China.
Source: CyberOptics Semiconductor (press release)
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