Posted: January 11, 2010

Noliac Offers Unique Amplified Piezoelectric Actuator As Prototyp

(Nanowerk News) Noliac offers a design of lightweight, temperature stable and highly dynamic amplified piezoelectric actuators. The combinations of stroke and force are numerous; thus, the unique amplified actuator is offered as a custom product only designed for your specific needs.
For the time being, Noliac has decided to offer this product as prototypes only.
Noliac's Amplified Piezoelectric Actuator
Optimal solution
R&D Engineer Charles Mangeot has participated in developing the amplified actuator. He states:
"We manufacture the amplified actuator on basis of actuators of different sizes, and this enables us to cover a broad range of e.g. stroke from less than 0.1 mm to more than 1.2 mm. On top of this, the force is higher than usual. If you need large controllable displacements together with high forces for a minimal weight, this is your optimal solution," Charles adds up.
High stability with high temperatures
Amplified actuators are very often unstable in temperature due to the differential thermal expansion between the piezoelectric element and the amplification frame. Due to a built-in differential configuration, the Noliac amplified actuator is temperature stable.
The diamond frame is also more compact than many commercially available amplification systems. In addition, the lower mass and optimised stiffness imply higher mechanical resonance compared to other solutions, allowing operation at higher frequency.
This is an advantage in fields such as aeronautics, space, optics, military applications and others where you wish for high stroke, high force and low weight.
Source: Noliac (press release)
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