Posted: January 14, 2010

GenISys, Juspertor Accelerate Design-Manufacturing Transition

(Nanowerk News) GenISys GmbH, provider of high-performance software solutions for nanoscale fabrication, today announced an agreement with Juspertor UG (haftungsbeschränkt) that will significantly enhance its existing Layout BEAMER™ and Layout LAB™ products.
GenISys and Juspertor have agreed to integrate Juspertor's LayoutEditor into the GenISys tool suite. LayoutEditor is a versatile and sophisticated editor, with a broad application range. This integration enables a complete design-to-fabrication flow within one software platform.
Leading fabrication centers worldwide – already using the GenISys tools for data preparation, correction and simulation – will now be able to create or edit a layout from within the GenISys tools.
"Layout BEAMER is already the most comprehensive e-beam direct write software in use today to fabricate an existing layout on the wafer as designed," said Ulrich Hofmann, founder and general manager of GenISys. “The traditional interface with data-preparation software has been unalterable layout data coming from the CAD tool. Layout BEAMER will now offer the possibility to design a new layout, edit an existing layout or add features such as text, markers or barcodes. The combination of CAD functionality and data preparation on an integrated platform strengthens ease of use and flexibility for our customers."
The integration of LayoutEditor into Layout LAB, the optical proximity simulation software for mask aligners, strengthens the use of the product for the development of process technologies for MEMS, FPD and other micro-scale devices.
"In the five years since it was created as an open-source project, LayoutEditor has reached users in more than 100 countries by offering comprehensive functionality and fast development of special needs. With strong demand from the market, Juspertor was founded as a commercial company to secure the long-term development and support of the product," said Juergen Thies, founder and general manager of Juspertor. "This cooperation with GenISys will open new applications in nanofabrication. This will strengthen the global sales and support of Juspertor as well, as the GenISys organization, with offices in the U.S. and Asia, will also offer LayoutEditor as a standalone package."
The collaboration of GenISys and Juspertor is more than the synergy of technologies and distribution channels. Both companies are heavily focused on customer satisfaction, and provide fast, flexible support from highly competent personnel.
About Juspertor
Juspertor originated from the Open-Source project LayoutEditor (
With its growing popularity users asked for more features and professional support, which cannot be guaranteed by an open source project. In addition, some features imply a non-disclosure agreement with intellectual property holders. To meet these user demands, Juspertor was founded. Juspertor has substantially enhanced LayoutEditor and now sells it as a commercial product. Juspertor is located in Munich, Germany. For more information visit the web site at
About GenISys
Based in Munich, Germany, with offices in Tokyo, Japan, and Santa Clara, Calif., GenISys GmbH develops, markets and supports flexible, high-performance software solutions for the highly efficient processing of large layout data and the optimization of microstructure fabrication processes. Addressing the market for e-beam direct-write and optical lithography, GenISys combines deep technical expertise in layout data processing, process modeling, correction and optimization with high-caliber software engineering and a focus on ease of use. GenISys products give researchers, IC and MEMS manufacturers and system suppliers unparalleled efficiency, ease of use and optimal value in research, development and production of new micro-patterning technologies.
As a company focused on customer service, GenISys delivers fast, flexible support for integration, customization and development of specialized functionality to meet unique customer needs.
Source: GenISys (press release)
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