Posted: January 20, 2010

Patent Portfolio of Wafer-Level Semiconductor Packaging Owned by Hymite A/S for Sale

(Nanowerk News) ICAP Ocean Tomo, the intellectual property brokerage division of ICAP Plc, is offering for sale, a patent portfolio relating to wafer-level semiconductor packaging owned by Hymite A/S. The 77 issued U.S. and foreign patents and patent applications cover new packaging technologies for Optical Communications components, LED emitters, and semiconductor fabrication.
The assets disclose cost efficient wafer-level semiconductor packaging techniques applicable to high power as well as high frequency applications, including LED, MEMS, and optical communications component packaging. Key technologies of this portfolio include high current carrying through-wafer interconnects (through-silicon via, TSV), thereby enabling wafer-level surface mount (SMT) chip-size packaging (WLP-CSP) which in turn improves manufacturability (reduces costs), increases performance, enables reduced component size and improves product scalability. The patents also include a high power/brightness LED packaging solution that offers excellent thermal performance in a highly manufacturable platform, as well as, MEMS packaging technology that features flux-less hermetic sealing on the wafer level with controlled internal package atmosphere. Several of the technologies included in this portfolio have been developed to the production phase and the related know-how is included.
“Through the use of wafer-level packaging, this technology will provide significant cost savings to the manufacturer of semiconductors for high power applications.” said Dean Becker of ICAP Ocean Tomo. “This portfolio should be of interest to any entity operating in the semiconductor field.”
“Hymite is pleased with the general acceptance of its unique technology in the market - major players in high speed communications, high-power LEDs and MEMS have already engaged Hymite on developing unique products,” Christian Tang-Jespersen, Hymite President & CEO, added. “Our unique and innovative wafer-level packaging technology has not only helped to significantly improve performance and cost-effectiveness of existing products but has also become an enabler for novel next generation capabilities and products. As a result, we, and our customers, are seeing our technology and products as a general market enabler for attractive emerging market segments where high performance, high volume manufacturing capability and rapid scalability are highly valued”.
To learn more about the patents available for sale in this portfolio or how to sell or buy intellectual property please contact ICAP Ocean Tomo at 1-866-779-8363 or at [email protected]
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ICAP Ocean Tomo is the intellectual property brokerage division of ICAP.
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Source: Pixelligent (press release)
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