Posted: January 21, 2010

Energetiq Announces Ultra-Compact Light Source for Next Generation HPLC and Advanced Microscopy

(Nanowerk News) Energetiq Technology, Inc., a developer and manufacturer of specialized light sources for advanced technology applications, has announced another addition to its Laser-Driven Light Source (LDLS™) product family: the EQ-99. The EQ-99 is specifically designed for next generation HPLC, advanced microscopy and other demanding imaging and spectroscopy applications, and will be launched at SPIE Photonics West and BiOS, January 23-28, 2010.
Like its Energetiq LDLS predecessors the EQ-1000, EQ-1500, and EQ-1510, the ultra-compact EQ-99 broadband light source can provide very high brightness from 170nm through visible and beyond. This ability to cover the complete spectrum makes it an economical and efficient alternative to using traditional lamps. Xenon-arc, Deuterium, and Tungsten/Halogen lamps each cover only a portion of the spectrum covered by the LDLS light sources, and their use of electrodes limits their ability to achieve the high brightness, stable output and long life that is necessary for next-generation HPLC, imaging, and analytical spectroscopy applications in the life and materials sciences.
The EQ-99's excellent spatial and power stability enables highly repeatable measurements over long periods of operation. Because it utilizes Energetiq's unique laser-driven bulb technology, the EQ-99 has a lamp life which is an order of magnitude longer than traditional electrode-driven lamps.
About Energetiq
Energetiq Technology, Inc. is a developer and manufacturer of advanced light sources that enable the manufacture and analysis of nano-scale structures and products. Used in complex scientific and engineering applications such as analytical instruments for life sciences and leading edge semiconductor manufacture, Energetiq's light products are based on new technology that generates high brightness across the spectrum, from 1nm to 1000nm and beyond, with high reliability, long operating life, and in a compact package.
Source: Energetiq Technology (press release)
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