Posted: January 21, 2010

ULURU Inc. Invited to Present at Research and New Ventures Forum on Nanomedicine

(Nanowerk News) ULURU Inc. announced today that it will make a presentation at a forum highlighting the business of nanomedicine at the Institute for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (University of Texas, Dallas). Conference details and the program can be found at
The presentation will focus on the development of Altrazeal and its advanced applications related to future products in drug delivery and tissue engineering.
John V. St. John, PhD, Vice President of Research and Development for ULURU Inc. has been invited to give a presentation that details the transition of ULURU's patented Nanoflex technology from laboratory development, through production scale-up, commercialization of the product and the use of the product in clinical practice. The presentation will also highlight the extensive pipeline of Altrazeal products that utilize our Nanoflex technology for drug delivery applications in regenerative medicine.
Renaat Van den Hooff, President and CEO of ULURU Inc., commented: "Through the application of rigorous science and the use of advanced nano materials, the commercialization of Altrazeal demonstrates that medical devices based on nanomedicine, such as wound dressings, can provide dramatic improvements in clinical outcomes. We remain committed to continued innovation in the development of regenerative medical products through the development of our pipeline of products based on our Nanoflex technology. Major pharmaceutical companies are investing significant resources in the area of regenerative medicine. Nanotechnology could play an important role in regenerative medicine, particularly in the area of tissue engineering and regeneration."
About ULURU Inc.
ULURU Inc. is a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on the development of a portfolio of wound management and oral care products to provide patients and consumers improved clinical outcomes through controlled delivery utilizing its innovative Nanoflex™ Aggregate technology and OraDisc™ transmucosal delivery system.
Source: ULURU (press release)
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