Posted: January 26, 2010

Fuel Additive Cuts Stagecoach UK Bus CO2 Emissions by 100,000 Tonnes in Five Years

(Nanowerk News) Stagecoach Group has reduced its CO2 emissions from its bus fleet in the UK by more than 100,000 tonnes over the past five years through use of a hi-tech fuel additive.
The saving equates to the average CO2 emissions produced by more than 10,000 households in the UK over a 12-month period, according to official Government statistics*.
Stagecoach announced the results as it confirmed it had signed a new three-year supply agreement for the Envirox™ fuel additive, which was developed using sophisticated nanotechnology.
The additive will be supplied by Energenics Holdings Pte Ltd, the new owners of the Envirox™ business, following their acquisition of 100% of the shares in the business last year from Oxonica plc.
Stagecoach Group also announced it has started the roll-out of the fuel additive in its Coach Canada operations, which cover Quebec and Ontario. The first two depots started using Envirox™ in December 2009 and the product will cover the remainder of the network within the next few months.
One of the UK’s biggest bus operators, Stagecoach began the roll-out of Envirox™ across its 7,000 bus fleet in December 2004. The company’s buses carry nearly 2 million passengers every day and travel around 330 million miles every year. Stagecoach continues to introduce Envirox™ into new UK depots, which have been acquired or upgraded.
Les Warneford, Managing Director of Stagecoach UK Bus, said: "We have pioneered the use of this innovative environmental product in the UK bus industry and we are greatly encouraged by its results.
"Buses and coaches are already a more carbon efficient way of travel than the car. However, all modes of transport have a carbon footprint. The fuel additive is helping improve the sustainability of our operations and protect local air quality, and is part of our commitment to offer people greener, smarter travel options."
Ronen Hazarika, Managing Director of Energenics Holdings Pte Ltd, said: "We are delighted that Stagecoach have decided to extend their commitment to Envirox™ for a further three years.
"We believe it demonstrates their confidence that Envirox™ will continue to deliver significant fuel efficiency and environmental benefits into the future even with the latest fuel and engine technologies. We are looking forward to working with Stagecoach to further develop our technologies in this important environmental area."
Envirox™, which has achieved a 5% reduction in fuel consumption and associated emissions, is based on a well-known oxidation catalyst widely used in catalytic converters. The material has been re-engineered using nanotechnology to allow it to be delivered as a fuel-borne catalyst. This ensures a cleaner burn within the combustion chamber, resulting in improved fuel efficiency and lower emissions.
Nanotechnology is used to design and build materials at the atomic scale. Scientists work in nanometres, each of which is 1/80000th of the diameter of a human hair. No engine modifications are required to use Envirox™. It has no impact on lubricant performance and the optimum dose rates are low.
* Source: Department for Energy and Climate Change - Act on CO2 Calculator Version 2.0: Data, Methodology and Assumptions Paper, November 2009, Table 21, P47.
About Stagecoach Group
Stagecoach Group is a leading international public transport group, with extensive operations in the UK, United States and Canada. The company employs 30,000 people, and operates bus, coach, rail, and tram services.
About Energenics Holdings Pte Ltd
Energenics is a supplier of alternative energy solutions and technologies, providing customers access to switched or phased renewable fuels programs that deliver both energy use and gas emission reductions at zero or minimal capital cost. Energenics is incorporated in Singapore and is rapidly becoming a market leader in delivering turnkey biofuel and energy efficiency projects to fleet users using innovative technologies either developed in house or licensed in from technical partners.
Source: Energenics (press release)
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