Posted: January 27, 2010

Veeco Introduces the NT9080 Surface Metrology System

(Nanowerk News) Veeco Instruments Inc., a leader in scientific and industrial metrology, today introduced the NT9080™ Surface Metrology System, which combines non-contact white light interferometry, operator ease of use, and affordability for both expert- and entry-level precision surface measurements. Utilizing over 25 years of Veeco's optical profiler technology expertise, the NT9080 is a streamlined three-dimensional (3D) measurement system suited to a wide range of cost-sensitive research and industry applications, from solar cell texture mapping to the characterization of precision machined parts.
"With the NT9080, Veeco has responded to a need in the precision machining, medical, printing, and solar markets for a value-optimized, non-contact 3D microscope for dedicated surface texture measurements," said Mark R. Munch, Ph.D., Executive Vice President, Veeco Metrology. "The NT9080 performs the critical measurements necessary to increase yield and reduce manufacturing costs, without the complex operation and higher-priced features often required for automated applications."
Andrew Masters, Veeco Metrology's Vice President of Strategic Marketing and Business Development, added, "As manufacturing tolerances tighten in the precision machining community, a transition from traditional 2D contact-based measurements to a quantitative 3D non-contact standard is required. The NT9080 is a dedicated, high-precision, metrology instrument that enables manufacturers to measure critical surface texture and features at speeds faster than traditional stylus instrumentation. Veeco's expertise and continued long term commitment to the Metrology industry provide a stable basis for a strong partnership with our customers entering this 2D-to-3D transition."
About the NT9080
The NT9080 features a robust architecture and small footprint that ideally serves production environments and small laboratories. The system also allows users to select an objective magnification from 1.5X to 50X, accommodating a wide variety of samples and feature sizes as small as half a micron. Other standard features include Veeco's patent-pending, ultra-uniform dual-LED illumination. Running on the Vision® software platform, the NT9080 provides access to over 200 distinct analyses, and more than 1000 critical parameters for measuring curvature, lay, bearing ratio, wear, corrosion, and other critical parameters.
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About Veeco
Veeco Instruments Inc. manufactures enabling solutions for customers in the HB-LED, solar, data storage, semiconductor, scientific research and industrial markets. We have leading technology positions in our three businesses: LED & Solar Process Equipment, Data Storage Process Equipment, and Metrology Instruments. Veeco's manufacturing and engineering facilities are located in New York, New Jersey, California, Colorado, Arizona, Minnesota and Massachusetts. Global sales and service offices are located throughout the U.S., Europe, Japan and APAC.
Source: Veeco (press release)
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