Posted: January 27, 2010

Intelligent, High-Flow MEMS Valve Combines Drastic Energy Savings With Significantly Smaller Footprint

(Nanowerk News) Microstaq Inc., a developer of the world's most advanced silicon MEMS-based fluid control technology, announced today the industry's high volume of its unique Silicon Expansion Valve™ (SEV), based upon the company's revolutionary Ventilum™ technology. Microstaq started shipping first production of the SEV to major HVAC/R customers in December 2009.
Ventilum technology, or Microstaq's proprietary MEMS-based fluid control technology, will increase the performance and decrease the energy consumption of commercial and residential HVAC/R systems worldwide. The inherent intelligence of silicon-based systems also allows for the device to precisely meter refrigerant into the evaporator, much simpler design of HVAC/R control systems and the maintenance-free device will dramatically extend the life and durability of compressors in HVAC/R systems. This combination enables more robust systems with an energy consumption reduction of up to 25 percent.
"With the strong green movement over the past several years, HVAC/R OEMs have been looking for and demanding newer technology to increase the energy efficiency of their commercial and residential products," said Sandeep Kumar, CEO of Microstaq. "With the mass production of the SEV, we have brought one of the leading technological advancements to the HVAC/R market in more than 50 years."
Microstaq's SEV first market partners are in the HVAC/R industry; however application of the SEV is also easily adopted to the automotive industry (specifically auto AC systems). Microstaq's device is the only MEMS system that allows for fluid control in liters (compared to significantly lower levels as with most MEMS valves). This unique capability is due to Microstaq's proprietary design and makes the product suite a true industry first.
Mass production of the SEV is expected to substantially increase MEMS-based technology in the HVAC, refrigeration and automotive industries over the next several years.
About Microstaq Inc.
Microstaq is a global supplier of silicon MEMS-based fluid control solutions. Customers benefiting from Microstaq's electronic refrigerant expansion control technology include the world's largest HVAC/R providers. Silicon MEMS-based fluid control solutions, which can be customized for virtually all fluid media, have applications in HVAC/R, automotive, medical and industrial products and systems.
Source: Microstaq (press release)
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