Posted: January 28, 2010

Advanced Substrates for Nanomaterial Imaging and Analysis - Now More Accessible

(Nanowerk News) Based on feedback from customers, is introducing several new TEM window formats to better meet the imaging and analysis needs of nanoresearchers. 100 micron thick frame formats are now available for many pure silicon UltraSM® TEM windows and select Silicon Nitride and Silicon Oxide grids. These formats can be used with double tilt sample holders. The 9-window grids have been re-designed to include an asymmetric window format that aids the researcher in identifying the same position when switching between light and electron microscopy.
Silicon Nitride grids are now offered in 20 nm thick films. Available with 200 and 100 micron thick frames, these grids provide an ideal combination of robustness and imaging resolution. also reduced prices across its product portfolio, by 10% to 30%. Sales have been increasing steadily since was launched last year. The increasing volume translates into lower costs and the ability to lower prices. These price reductions make it even more attractive for nanoresearchers to use grids for all of their imaging applications. Pure silicon UltraSM® can be purchased for $21 to $29 per grid, Silicon Nitride for $9 to $17, and Silicon Oxide for $17 to $25.
“We are fortunate to have an engaged group of customers who provide feedback and suggestions on our technology and products. We will continue to use this input to modify our product portfolio and pricing going forward,” said Dr. James Roussie, Director of Sales & Marketing.
About is a division of SiMPore Inc. and supplies SiMPore’s UltraSM® membrane technology for electron microscopy and related materials imaging and analysis applications. is the online source of innovative sample preparation solutions for the imaging and analysis of nanoscale materials. features state-of-the-art transmission electron microscopy windows that enable researchers to characterize their cutting-edge nanomaterials. By incorporating the latest MEMS and thin film technologies, provides researchers with the resources to advance their research and development programs. is fully integrated with, and supported by, the technical expertise at SiMPore, a Rochester, NY-based nanotechnology company.
Source: SiMPore (press release)
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