Posted: January 28, 2010

SVTC Solar Successfully Completes Solar Cell Design-to-Commercialization Milestones for Initial Five Customers

(Nanowerk News) SVTC, a San Jose based company which provides commercialization services for the semiconductor, MEMS and solar markets, announced today that five customers have completed their initial design phase and are now transitioning to the next phases of commercialization for their complex solar cell designs. The Company has worked with each of its solar customers to produce both planar and 3-D cell designs in SVTC's facilities. SVTC's advanced semiconductor and MEMS capabilities have played a key role in fabricating these unique cell designs.
Recently, Bloo Solar, a Sacramento based start-up, announced that by partnering with SVTC, they have been able to develop, over the last three years, a solid technology baseline that is now entering commercialization. "Each customer's requirements represented a novel and complex cell design that required our engineers to modify their standard approach, but in each case a highly successful outcome was achieved," said Mike Moore, Vice President and General Manager, SVTC Solar. SVTC's unique development model that ensures customer ownership of IP developed using SVTC's services was considered a key factor in the successful transition from concept to commercialization.
Joe Bronson, CEO of SVTC Technologies, said, "SVTC has enabled customers to commercialize products ranging from standard CMOS to MEMS to 3-D structures over the last 6 years. The success the team has had on these initial solar projects has proven that the SVTC business model is highly extendable into adjacent technologies such as photovoltaic, providing our customers a low-risk, cost effective methodology to commercialize new product designs. We are looking forward to assisting other solar customers with their projects in the coming months."
About SVTC
SVTC is a solution provider of leading edge semiconductor services for MEMS, CMOS, photovoltaic and nanostructure technologies that are used in a wide array of industries such as medical, semiconductor fabrication, mil-aero, consumer-mobility and clean energy. The company specializes in managing the complete supply-chain process associated with bringing a product from concept to commercialization. SVTC's business model in which the client owns and retains the IP is unique in the industry. SVTC is a privately held company founded in 2004 headquartered in San Jose, California with fabrication facilities in San Jose and Austin, Texas. The company is backed by top-tier venture capital firms including Tallwood Venture Capital and Oak Hill Capital Partners.
Source: SVTC (press release)
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