Posted: February 1, 2010

Applied Materials Joins SEMATECH Manufacturing Initiative's ESH Technology Center

(Nanowerk News) The International SEMATECH Manufacturing Initiative (ISMI) today announced that Applied Materials, Inc. has become the newest member of the award-winning Environment, Safety and Health (ESH) Technology Center. Applied will join leading semiconductor manufacturers in cooperative projects for sustainable manufacturing, industry environmental standards and green practices in chip-making.
“We’re pleased to welcome one of the leading equipment manufacturers to the world’s first world-wide R&D center dedicated to cost-effective, environmentally friendly semiconductor manufacturing,” said Ron Remke, ISMI’s ESH program manager and head of the Center. “We appreciate Applied Materials’ many contributions to the industry, and share its commitment to do what is good for business and the environment.”
“Applied Materials is excited about expanding our collaboration with ISMI and its member companies to enhance the industry’s sustainability initiatives,” said Bruce Klafter, senior director for EHS and Sustainability at Applied Materials. “Using technological innovation, action and commitment, we can work together to find solutions to improving the environmental performance of our products and processes.”
The EHS Technology Center was formed in 2009 to provide a broad-based, collaborative platform for developing better environmental practices for the industry, with goals of increasing efficiency and reducing costs in semiconductor operations. Open to all chipmakers and equipment and materials manufacturers, the Center’s membership currently represents more than half of the world’s semiconductor production.
Within the Center, hundreds of ESH experts and consultants from around the world will work closely with Applied Materials to develop data-driven solutions in areas such as energy and resource conservation, chemical management, and industry response to climate change.
“The Center is a prime example of ISMI’s collaborative model in which leading chipmakers and equipment and materials manufacturers can participate in a broad consortium-industry-university partnership to develop environmentally sustainable semiconductor manufacturing processes,” said Scott Kramer, vice president of manufacturing technology at SEMATECH.
Kramer added, “We’re bringing together world-class researchers and engineers from Applied Materials, ISMI, and the ESH Technology Center to find green solutions that improve productivity and lower costs while significantly reducing the environmental footprint of manufacturing operations.”
The Center is the industry’s first global collaborative research effort dedicated to finding and implementing the most cost-effective, environmentally friendly manufacturing processes and procedures. Participating companies share ideas and resources, while directing, evaluating, and refreshing the program portfolio. Specific focus areas include:
  • Energy and resource conservation
  • Climate change and environmental impact
  • Supply chain ESH alignment
  • Chemical management and evolving regulatory initiatives
  • ESH impacts of semiconductor materials, equipment, and processes
  • Last year, the Center received the 2009 CleanTech Award for green and clean technology, and the 2009 Lunar New Year Award from the Texas Asian Chamber of Commerce for pioneering eco-friendly industry standards.
    More information on the Center and its initiatives is available at
    About Applied Materials, Inc.
    Applied Materials Inc. is the global leader in Nanomanufacturing Technology™ solutions with a broad portfolio of innovative equipment, service and software products for the fabrication of semiconductor chips, flat panel displays, solar photovoltaic cells, flexible electronics and energy efficient glass. At Applied Materials, we apply Nanomanufacturing Technology to improve the way people live. Learn more at
    About ESH Technology Center
    ISMI’s Environment, Safety & Health Technology Center is the industry’s first world-wide R&D center dedicated to cooperatively finding and implementing the most cost-effective environmentally friendly manufacturing processes and procedures. The ISMI ESH Technology Center ( is an extension to ISMI’s ESH program which is based on 11 years of SEMATECH and ISMI ESH efforts.
    About ISMI
    ISMI is a global alliance of the world’s major semiconductor manufacturers, dedicated to reducing cost per wafer, and ultimately cost per die, through cooperative programs focused on manufacturing effectiveness. The consortium conducts programs in manufacturing infrastructure, methods, standards, and productivity, with the aim of reducing the costs of producing finished wafers and chips and driving solutions to major productivity challenges. ISMI is a wholly owned subsidiary of SEMATECH of Austin, TX.
    Source: SEMATECH (press release)
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