Posted: February 5, 2010

Asia's First Clear Nano-Emulsion Diesel Plant Opens in Singapore

(Nanowerk News) Singapore Emulsion Fuel Pte Ltd (SgEF), an innovative player in the green energy space, today announced the opening of Asia's first clear nano-emulsion diesel plant. Located within Singapore's Tuas industrial zone, the 40,000 sq. ft. facility is poised to cater to the growing demand for clean energy domestically and across the Asia- Pacific region.
SgEF's goal is to be the leading global supplier of emulsion fuel and other alternative biofuels. An investee company of SPRING SEEDS Capital, supported by the National Environment Agency (NEA) and the Building and Construction Agency (BCA), SgEF was set up in 2006 to address the global dependence on fossil fuels and to offer a viable alternative to existing biofuels.
"Our team of researchers developed a breakthrough emulsion fuel that significantly lowers the diesel content within biofuels in use in the market today. We blend diesel with water and our biodegradable patent-pending proprietary additive," said Mr Jeremy Ng, Chief Executive Officer of SgEF.
Coinciding with the opening of the plant, SgEF also introduced its flagship emulsion fuel products: Super Green Diesel, a specialised emulsion diesel for green building and construction; and eDiesel, which targets public transport, maritime and port, and the industrial sectors.
Super Green Diesel and eDiesel use as much as 40 percent less fossil fuel, replacing 20 percent of diesel content with water and 20 percent with additive. Extremely stable, both products have a clear appearance - which makes them unique compared to existing white emulsion diesels widely available in the United Kingdom, United States, and other markets.
"The clarity and similarity in color and translucency of our emulsion diesel products to regular diesel make quality control easier. Best of all, ours are the only alternative fuel products that can reduce both carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, such as NO and NOx," explained Mr Ng.
It is important to highlight that SgEF emulsion diesel does not require any retrofitting or modification of engines, making it convenient and cost- effective for companies to use.
Prior to the launch, SgEF had conducted numerous tests in China, Malaysia, Ireland, Singapore, and Thailand. The field and lab tests have proven SgEF emulsion diesel's superiority in terms of reducing harmful gas emissions and providing a range of advantages for the environment and for customers such as:
  • Fuel efficiency improvement by as much as 9 percent.
  • Reduction of black smoke by over 80 percent.
  • Reduction in exhaust heat by 20 percent.
  • Significant reduction in engine maintenance down-time.
  • Tangible improvement in air quality and overall driving experience.
  • In Singapore, SgEF partnered with SMRT Corporation Ltd over a period of three months, testing their products on buses that had fallen below emission standards. The use of SgEF emulsion diesel reduced emissions by 75 percent, in one case making a grounded vehicle roadworthy. A similar test conducted in Malaysia reduced emissions by over 80 percent.
    With better R&D and the opening of the production facility, SgEF is targeting to ramp up its current daily production of 30,000 litres to 100,000 litres over the next 12 months and then to a maximum daily capacity of 300,000 litres. Apart from catering to the Singapore market, SgEF plans to expand regionally. It has set up a venture in Malaysia with Pamuri Holding Sdn Bhd called Pamuri Green, and will soon name its business partner in Indonesia.
    "The BCA and NEA in Singapore and our partners in the region have been very supportive. In 2007, while we were still on our test phase, NEA had introduced us to a company that would become our first customer, Poh Lian Construction. Poh Lian was in search of an alternative energy provider to help them manage their carbon footprint in residential areas. They have been using Super Green Diesel to power their machinery ever since," Mr Ng shared.
    About Singapore Emulsion Fuel Pte Ltd
    Singapore Emulsion Fuel Pte Ltd ("SgEF") is a Singapore-based technology company that was incorporated in December 2006 to address global dependence on fossil fuels. It focuses on the development and production of breakthrough emulsion diesel and alternative biofuels. An investee company of SPRING SEEDS Capital, SgEF is also supported by the National Environment Agency (NEA) and the Building and Construction Agency (BCA) in Singapore.
    Source: Singapore Emulsion Fuel (press release)
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