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Posted: February 15, 2010

Russian effort to ensure nanotechnology safety

(Nanowerk News) RUSNANO CEO Anatoly Chubais and head of the Russian Federal Medical-Biological Agency Vladimir Uiba signed an agreement today to work jointly to ensure safe production and safe application of nanotechnology and nanomaterials.
Collaboration between the two organizations will ensure the sanitary and epidemiological well being of the country’s inhabitants during scientific research, development work, production, consumption, and disposal of products, materials, and finished goods created with nanomaterials and nanotechnology and during commercialization of nanotechnology for practical applications in medicine and pharmacology.
Under the agreement, RUSNANO and FMBA are entrusted with developing technical and organizational measures to safeguard production and use of nanomaterials, nanotechnology, and products of the nanoindustry. In other areas of cooperation, they will introduce nanobiotechnology for applied uses in medicine and pharmacology, create new types of medicaments and new methods for diagnosis and treatment of socially significant and job-related illnesses, and devise effective means for detoxification and individual protection.
RUSNANO and FMBA will have a role in regulations as well, proposing laws and norms to guarantee safe conditions for scientific investigations, development work, production, consumption, and disposal of products, materials, and finished goods created with nanomaterials and nanotechnology.
The Federal Medical-Biological Agency, also known as the FMBA of Russia, is a federal body of executive power. The agency comes under the Ministry of Healthcare and Social Development of the Russian Federation. For more than 60 years, FMBA has controlled and supervised the sanitary-epidemiological well being of workers in industrial sectors with dangerous working conditions. It offers the entire spectrum of medical services, from ambulances to rehabilitation and recovery services. Science and manufacturing, modern systems of diagnoses, and sophisticated medical technology assist the agency in it responsibilities to safeguard and promote the health of the citizenry. Since 2008 FMBA has been in charge of updating the Blood Service and organizing medical-social expertise countrywide. In 2009 the agency was entrusted with the medical-sanitary and medical-biological care of Russia’s sports teams and their reserves.
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