Posted: February 15, 2010

Voxtel Releases Backside-Illuminated, Low-Excess-Noise NIR APDs

(Nanowerk News) Voxtel has announced the release of its latest product line, the Deschutes BSI™ series of back-side-illuminated APDs.
APD part
The Deschutes BSI™ APDs are available on ceramic submounts, with a co-mounted temperature sensor. Compared to front-side-illuminated APDs, they offer superior responsivity and lower capacitance. Deschutes BSITM APDs offer typical responsivity greater than 1.0 A/W at 1550 nm and 0.73 A/W at 1064 nm, and operating gain from 3 to 20. These InGaAs/InAlAs APDs have been custom-designed for low excess noise, with a design exploiting the non-local behavior of impact ionization.
The resulting APDs, which are characterized by an equivalent ionization coefficient of keff < 0.2, have 40% less excess noise than conventional telecom InGaAs/InP APDs, which makes them ideal for optical communications, laser radar (LADAR) and LIDAR, and laser rangefinding/designating applications. Configured for low capacitance, the parts are well suited for high-bandwidth applications. The Deschutes BSITM model series VFC-1000 is available in 30-, 75-, and 200-µm-diameter versions; it is available on submounts, in hermetic packages with optional thermoelectric cooling, and packaged into photoreceivers. All packaged versions are available with optional fiber pigtails.
The product is immediately available for sale.
About Voxtel
Voxtel, Inc., of Beaverton, Oregon, is a provider of optoelectronic devices using novel semiconductor architectures and engineered nanostructured materials, and a leading developer of sophisticated detectors and electro-optical imaging systems for a wide range of government, industrial, and scientific markets. Voxtel’s product technologies include near-infrared laser radar (LADAR) receivers, radiation-hardened imagers for space applications, highly sensitive avalanche photodiodes for fiber and free-space telecommunications, and nanotechnology-engineered materials.
Source: Voxtel (press release)
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