Posted: February 16, 2010

Modumetal to Develop Nanolaminate, Corrosion-resistant Coating for Replacement of Cadmium

(Nanowerk News) Seattle-based Modumetal announced today that it has received a contract award from NAVAIR for an advanced nanolaminated coating that is expected to replace vapor-deposited cadmium in a high temperature, high impact environment. Modumetal’s coating technology will specifically provide for corrosion and impact protection on the F-35 tailhook assembly. The Modumetal coating has the potential to be used as well in a number of other applications where hardness, lubricity, durability and corrosion protection are required.
There is an ever increasing demand in the marketplace and in the regulatory environment to reduce and eliminate the use of toxic metals like cadmium and chromium in industrial coating applications. A major limiting factor in meeting these needs is the availability of advanced coating materials that can meet or exceed the rigorous performance requirements of aerospace and maritime applications. Modumetal’s nanolaminated coating system, which will be developed under the subject contract, is such a material that will provide the basis for high-temperature, high-impact, low friction and corrosion protection and will eliminate the use of vacuum-deposited cadmium in the identified aerospace application.
The project, which will be lead by Modumetal metallurgist, Hunter Martin, will involve specific application of a novel, nanolaminated coating concept that involves a compositionally and microstructurally modulated composite material. The coating system will leverage Modumetal’s patented production process technology which is scalable to permit large-scale coating of complex parts and assemblies.
From an environmental protection standpoint, the proposed technology will enable the elimination of cadmium in one of the Joint Strike Fighter’s most demanding inorganic coating applications. According to Modumetal President and CEO, Christina Lomasney, “Modumetal’s corrosion-resistant coating solution is not only reducing the potential for hazardous exposure to toxic cadmium, but is also redefining the performance potential for this advanced engineering coating. Modumetal technologies exist which out-perform electrodeposited cadmium today, and these do not suffer for the material property tradeoffs, for example in hardness and toughness, that commonly plague advanced coatings. Across the board, Modumetal is redefining the performance potential of advanced materials through its nanolayering approach and is defying the theoretical limits of homogeneous material performance in strength, hardness, conductivity, corrosion resistance, wear and more.”
About Modumetal
Modumetal, based in the heart of Seattle, Washington, is realizing the commercial potential of a new class of nanolaminated materials. Modumetal materials are enabled by a low-cost, scalable process for producing layered and nanolaminated coatings, bulk materials and net-shape parts. The Modumetal process is a “green” electrochemical manufacturing approach, which reduces the carbon footprint of conventional manufacturing processes at the same time that it supports the production of a broad range of materials, including metals, alloys, ceramics, composites and hybrid materials. The Modumetal technology is the subject of several issued and pending patents.
Source: Modumental (press release)
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