Posted: February 17, 2010

SVTC and Applied Microstructures Enter Into Partnership to Provide MEMS Anti-Stiction Coating Services

(Nanowerk News) SVTC Technologies, a leading commercialization service provider for new emerging silicon-based technologies in areas such as CMOS, MEMS, photovoltaics and other related nanotechnologies, and Applied Microstructures, Inc. (AMST), the leading provider of MEMS anti-stiction coatings to the MEMS industry, today announced that they have entered into a partnership to collaborate on MEMS anti-stiction coating technologies. AMST intends to provide SVTC with access to its MEMS anti-stiction coatings and process services for the ultimate benefit of SVTC's customers.
"As our customers increasingly demand more capability from their MEMS production partners, the need for adding new technical capabilities is more important than ever," said Wilbur Catabay, Vice President Technology and Engineering, SVTC Technologies. "Partnering with AMST allows us to offer our customers the advantages of anti-stiction coating technologies which improve their products' performance."
The performance of many MEMS devices suffer from a physical phenomenon called stiction, a significant challenge in the area of MEMS packaging. Stiction is the fundamental property that causes small movable devices to stick to each other when placed in close proximity. Many devices that work properly at the wafer level cannot be effectively packaged for use in real applications or may suffer very low yield in production manufacturing. Anti-stiction thin film coatings provide an elegant and practical solution to this challenging engineering and manufacturing issue.
"As a leader in technology services, SVTC needs access to the industry's most advanced technologies along with the ability to rapidly bring them to market," said Ken Aitchison, CEO and President, Applied Microstructures. "We are very excited to partner with a world-class organization like SVTC."
About SVTC Technologies
SVTC Technologies speeds the development and commercialization of innovative silicon-based technologies and products, cost-effectively and in an IP-secure manner. Through facilities in San Jose, California, and Austin, Texas, SVTC serves customers in rapidly growing markets such as novel memory, novel transistors, logic, MEMS, biotechnology, image sensors and photovoltaics. SVTC offers a suite of leading-edge equipment and services, including full-scale 8-inch and 12-inch process capabilities, advanced CMOS and non-CMOS equipment, analytical services, development support tools and commercialization services. SVTC's investors include Oak Hill Capital Partners, Tallwood Venture Capital and the company's management and employees. SVTC Technologies is an equal opportunity employer.
About Applied Microstructures
Applied Microstructures (AMST) provides process equipment and services for applications in MEMS, nano-imprint lithography (NIL), microfluidics and advanced packaging. Capabilities include anti-stiction films, self-assembled monolayers, hydrophobic films, extremely conformal coatings, and moisture barrier films. The company has over 60 coating tools in production at the world's largest MEMS manufacturers and research facilities.
Source: SVTC Technologies (press release)
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