Posted: February 18, 2010

Clean Fuels: FT Catalyst and Microchannel Reactor Combination Makes the Top 20

(Nanowerk News) A highly active Fischer-Tropsch (FT) catalyst combined with an FT microchannel reactor has earned the Oxford Catalysts Group a place on the Clean and Cool Mission to Silicon Valley, in California. The Oxford Catalyst Group is one of just 20 UK clean technology companies out of a field of 150 applicants chosen to take part in the trade mission.
The Clean and Cool Mission, organised by the Technology Strategy Board, is designed to help businesses working in the UK clean technology sector to bring their technologies into the global market place. It will take place between 2026 February 2010, and will coincide with the annual Cleantech Forum in San Francisco, an event that is expected to attract 1000 industry delegates.
The combination of the FT catalyst, produced using Oxford Catalysts' patented OMX technology, and FT microchannel reactor, developed by Oxford Catalyst subsidiary, Velocys, Inc., enables the distributed production of liquid biofuels, including diesel and jet fuel. Potential feedstocks include crop residues, ligno-cellulose waste from trees, animal-derived waste and municipal solid waste. The process is cost effective when oil prices are as low as $70 per barrel. The technology is also suitable for the conversion of stranded and associated gas to liquid fuels, reducing the need for flaring.
Susan Robertson, Chief Financial Officer, Oxford Catalysts, who will represent the Group on the Clean and Cool Mission said:
"It is a great honour to be chosen to take part in this important trade mission. Our technology has already proved to be a winner in both the 2009 Energy Institute awards and the 2009 ICIS Innovation awards. Participating in the Clean and Cool Mission will help us to build on that recognition. It will also enable us to make contact with other companies working in the clean fuels arena. And, best of all, it will help us to promote clean fuels technology and turn the distributed production of next-generation biofuels into a commercial reality."
Iain Gray, Chief Executive of the Technology Strategy Board said:
"The real story here is about these very successful UK business people who have embarked on innovative ventures in a new but growing sector. They are pioneers and we are working with them because we want to see them find their place in what looks set to become a successful international market."
Source: Oxford Catalysts (press release)
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